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The Six Fix: Christmas Gift Recos for Every Member of Your Fam

The Six Fix: Christmas Gift Recos for Every Member of Your Fam


It’s December, and you’re scrambling for presents to give out to the family! After being consumed with tons of schoolwork and other outside activities, it’s time to sit down and focus on a list that matters now—the Christmas gift list. Don't panic, because we’ve made it easy for you, with our fool-proof recommendations on goodies each family member will surely love. Thank us later!

1. For Your Mom: Care for Her Crown(ing Glory)

It’s been a hectic year and she deserves only a queenly treatment—literally. It’s every lady’s concern to sport great hair everyday, so let your mom’s tresses take the spotlight while keeping to her new organic lifestyle. Not only will you impress her with shiny hair come the holiday parties, it’s also a healthier alternative to chemically-loaded offerings in the usual salons.

In Linea Organica, every is purely—you guessed it—organic, including products and services they offer. The RADICO Organic Hair Color is made from 100% herbs, so it’s a good-natured gift that she can try on her off days. Better yet, take her to one of their branches and have them apply it on her so she can just sit back, relax, and get out of the store with naturally beautiful mane.

2. For Your Dad: Cool Kicks

Make him feel like he’s transported to his college days with a nice pair of cool kicks! Trade his black loafers with sneaks in trendy prints to match is holiday get up. He’ll need it for those long walks around your neighborhood as he greets everyone a merry Christmas, like he traditionally does every year!

Sperry’s Varsity Prep collection isn’t only for the young ones—these pairs are comfy and cool enough for the ‘rents’ as well! We suggest you snag the plaid or khaki styles—it’s a style classic that never fails.


3. For Your Sister: K-beauty Must

While face masks or lippies in the cutest packaging top her Christmas wish list, other essentials could do her good. With the dominance of K-beauty in every beauty store, it’s easier to pick a gift that, whether it’s part of her daily skincare or makeup routine or not, she’ll love and use for months!

Maintaining a moisturized skin is a must, so investing in quality creams is so important. Korean favorite AHC’s The Pure Real Eye Cream For Face is an award-winning product that will banish those dark circles around her eyes. This gift will be her savior during those all-nighters in school or late-night gimmicks with her friends!

4. For Your Brother: Throwback Favorite

As a kid, we’ve all been obsessed with mangas. For this year, why not gift your anime-freak brother with something that will indulge his childhood dreams? You know, those funko pops, comic books, and sketch pads in his collection will always have room for another character-inspired item.

An exciting new design of the well-loved Skechers D’Lites comes to the Philippine shores, with the limited edition One Piece collection that will add a pop of color (and attitude!) to any outfit! Your brother will proudly wear this, for sure!

5. For the Bunso: Comic In Character

Iconic superheroes always thrill the kids. But instead of wrapping the usual toys, go for something that’s more useful in their everyday growing life.

Character tees always make a statement because it speaks of who you stan in the modern days. Shop in SM and look for the special 80 Years of Marvel special tee collections, available for both girls and boys! Dress up your cute bunso in a stylish graphic shirt they’ll love to wear on weekends!

6. For Yourself: A Better 2020

Of course, don't forget the most important person in your life—you. There’s no better gift for yourself than a more organized life for the upcoming year. It’s time for a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning—and a trusty tool will be your bestfriend in achieving your best year yet!

Turn to Keds to make your 2020 aspirations come true! Veer away from the usual crowd and stand out carrying a simple planner that speaks of your sensibilities. Keds’ limited edition planner, titled The Future Is Yours, is the perfect present to kick off your year right. With undated pages to make room for creativity and flexibility, inspiring words to keep you motivated throughout the year, and special deals from Happy Skin, Auntie Anne’s Brown Café, The Dessert Museum, and Inflatable Island are just some of the key features of this planner of your dreams. You’ll be ready to rock 2020!

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