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#ChalkAsks: What's the Important Life Lesson You Learned From Your Teacher?

#ChalkAsks: What's the Important Life Lesson You Learned From Your Teacher?


They say home is our first school, and our parents are our first teachers. But truth be told, there are things we can't learn just by sitting in our comfort zone. We have to get out and experience the real world one step at a time. So from home here comes the second step: school.

Here we meet people we're not related by blood, but, through the time we spent together, it would feel like school is our second home. We're taught of lessons outside of the books that require more than just memorization and formula rather understanding and maturity.

You think teachers exist to give you an earful about your report cards? Wait until you realize how their words can help you in your life. We asked a few about the most important life lesson they learned from their teacher, and you might just share the same answer with them too:

"Discipline sa paggawa ng school stuff is like practice for the real world. And daming pinapagawa dati sa school kahit elem pa lang. Talagang hardwork at discipline ang kailangan para matapos at makakuha ng mataas na grade. Applicable pa rin 'yung same values ngayong nagwowork na—beating the deadline but also submitting quality work." -Yas, 23

School can, most of the time, get us fed up to death. And we used to complain about that not knowing it's only the preface of what's to come when we finally go out there in the working world. Discipline, time management, multi-tasking, patience, you all know how much we needed it now.

"'Work hard, stay humble.' Nung high school akala ko I know everything na about writing tapos nung college parang in a way, lost ako? Parang nag-start over ako until ma-recognize yung growth ko." -Camille, 23

Whether you admit it or not, competition is inescapable in school. There are the grades, the class standing, teachers' attention, extra-curricular activities, etc. And if you're on top, there's the unconscious push to act like you're the best know-it-all. Well, here's a warning: life doesn't begin and end inside the classroom.

"'Only listen to people who are living the life you want to live.'" -James, 24

In life you'll get hurt, feel down, be stuck either by people, or by circumstances. And what's left for you to do if you're at that lowest point of your existence? Find a strong support system and let only their words fill you up. Look at how motivated they're living their lives and be inspired.

"Grade does not define you or your future." -Regina, 24

Perhaps after graduating from school, we can all agree that there's no lie in this saying. We're not disregarding anyone's hardwork in maintaining high grades. Getting line of 9s in our tests and displaying medals in our room can be really motivating nd satisfying, TBH. We're just saying, even grades can't tell what life can bring. Real-life fill in the blanks are downright harder than those in papers. 

"I remember this professor of mine, he just reminded us to enjoy our youth, do what makes us happy while serving the nation's interest, and always keep safe for the brilliance and the desire to make a change in each one of us is what this country needs especially at this point in time." -Paolo, 25

You're still young and you have a lot of dreams in mind. Make it happen in whatever situation you and your society are at now. Nothing should stop you as long as you make sure you do not neglect your role as the nation's people. The same way you see to it that you're not running anyone's life over while you try to live yours to the fullest, for none of us live in this world just for ourselves alone.

You might find some of your teachers overreacting for speaking way deeper than the topic of your discussion. But we believe you've got nothing lose if you just listen to it, right? So lesson of the day: Never take for granted what you read up from the books, much more what you learn from your teachers' lectures. Admit it or not, we won't be where we are now without our second parents.

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