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In Focus: Fly Control—And Why It's Important For Your Business Reputation

In Focus: Fly Control—And Why It's Important For Your Business Reputation

The metro is a hub of amazing foodie finds, with new, exciting dining destinations sprouting seasonally. But more than the refined palates of the master chefs and their mouthwatering recipes, what ensures that a restaurant is successful is the cleanliness and sanitation of its spaces. Because regardless of how many Michelin stars you have or how many awards you have plastered on the walls, who would want to eat in a dirty, unkempt establishment?

Nothing kills the appetite faster of any customer than seeing pests–rats, cockroaches, and mice taking over the kitchen and restaurant. Even the sight of common house flies buzzing about is bound to have customers taking a bee-line straight to the exit, and worse, writing an unsavory review online to warn others. In this day of social media, reviews can make or break any establishment in an instant! 

According to the World Health Organization, the typical house fly–which has a lifespan of up to three weeks - contamination can cause dangerous diseases such as dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, and other skin infections such as mycoses and leprosy. These pests feed on different kinds of human food, garbage, and waste, making kitchens and restaurants breeding grounds for them to multiply. And due to the short reproduction cycles of flies – they can mature in just 7 days, so a small fly problem can quickly turn into a serious infestation within days.

Not only does a fly problem imply a concern in your establishment’s overall sanitation and cleanliness, it may spell disaster for your bottom line, especially when customers decide not to come back.  It’s hard to bounce back from bad reviews as your reputation as a restaurant can easily be tarnished by word of mouth.

According to the study, 64% of businesses worry about compensation claims caused by flies, and 45% of businesses that have suffered from a fly infestation report a high to moderate concern about a loss of income. Fly infestation can lead to penalties that include demerit points, financial penalty, or even business closure for severe cases.

Thus, as a business owner and restaurateur, one must address any potential pest problem immediately. While you can take your own steps in managing the current pest situation, it’s best to seek help from professional pest control service providers such as Rentokil.

Rentokil offers its Lumnia range, which is an effective and efficient means to get your fly problem under control. The Lumnia Standard makes use of a highly innovative, energy-saving LED fly killer, which is optimized to catch and control flies, and is suitable for restaurants of all sizes. This low-energy LED lamp also saves up to 61% less energy, reducing waste disposal and your carbon footprint.

Lumnia Compact, on the other hand, is a highly effective glue board unit that has been designed for relatively low-risk areas within food businesses. These can be mounted on walls or any flat surface. And thanks to its modern design, now available in red, champagne, blue and black, it blends seamlessly into your establishment, matching your décor and perfectly reflecting your brand personality. Its pleasing design and aesthetic also allows your customers to fully enjoy their dining experience.

Ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of your spaces, while protecting your brand image with Rentokil. Control your fly problem now, before it becomes an infestation. Contact the experts.

Inquire now at (02) 8333 5868 or visit and sign up for a free survey.

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Photographs courtesy of Rentokil Pest Control Philippines




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