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In Focus: 8 MAMA Moments that Every K-Pop Stan Won't Forget

In Focus: 8 MAMA Moments that Every K-Pop Stan Won't Forget


If there's any award show that K-pop stans wouldn't miss for the world, it definitely is the Mnet Asian Music Awards. Now on its 20th year run, MAMA is best known for leading the biggest gathering of Korean idols and their respective fandoms, recognizing their works, and putting the spotlight onto exclusively powerful performances and most-anticipated stage collaborations. Really anything you never knew you needed, you can see on MAMA!

Now, it's that time of the year again, and we got many reasons to be excited about it like the first-timer rookie groups such as ITZY, TXT, and ATEEZ, and icons like BTS, GOT7, Twice, among others who are confirmed to attend. However, it's sad to say that there are some beloved acts who have stopped coming to the big event, too. If you miss them, or miss a lot of the MAMA happenings through the years, we'll help you with that. Here's a roundup of the most iconic MAMA moments! 

1. The 2008 MAMA (formerly Mnet KM Music Festival) was the time we all got our hearts broken as Bigbang shared the stage with Lee Hyori, and T.O.P kissed her on stage! It was only to signal that it's "show time," but it already ended us.

2. CL totally exceeded our expectations when she did a duet with American musical group Black Eyed Peas with their hit "Where is the Love?" in 2011. Sure, it's no secret that queen Chaelin had that international superstar knack in her. Legendary!

3. Girls' Generation took the stage at the 2011 MAMA with all original nine members, and nobody thought it would be the last. Yep, just in case you still haven't heard, Jessica left that year's Best Female Group in 2014. Still hurts.

4. EXO-Ls we'll never forget 22nd November 2013, Friday, 11:34 KST, A.K.A. when EXO won their first ever daesang for Album of the Year. And they continuously did it five years in a row until 2017. We couldn't be prouder of these kings!

5. IU served serious dream collaborations at the 2014 MAMA. She wasn't able to bring History's Jang Yi-Jeong for a live performance of "Friday," but we're thankful to see Winner's Mino taking over his part. Who are we to ask for more?

6. A year before 2NE1 disbanded, we remember Bom, Minzy, and Dara making a surprise appearance at the 2015 MAMA to join CL. But it's when they performed "Fire" and "I Am The Best" that we started bawling our eyes out.

7. Last year's MAMA could set the record for most tear-jerking moments, indeed. It was only the second but, unfortunately, also the last attendance of Wanna One. Their group contract ended by the end of 2018. Ugh, we missed cheering from our screens as Wannables!

8. The way BTS pulled off a concert level performance during 2018 MAMA radiates the same energy when they made us cry hard the moment they revealed of considering disbandment. That was too much to think about. What a relief they didn't.

A lot has happened throughout MAMA's history, and, as stans, we want to always share every single win, joy, and tear with our ult groups. And that's what we'll be doing when 2019 MAMA happens on December 4. Catch it live on MYX Channel starting at 3PM!

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