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In Focus: 4 Reasons Why We're Desperately Petitioning for "Hotel Blue Moon"

In Focus: 4 Reasons Why We're Desperately Petitioning for


With Hotel Del Luna ending last September, their final episode has become the most intriguing episode because one particular scene that shocked us! We already knew that the deities were looking for a new hotel owner, but we honestly thought it would be Chan Seong or Kim Yoo Na. During the epilogue, a new hotel arose called "Hotel Blue Moon" with actor Kim Soo Hyun as the new owner of the hotel! In his words, "The moon has risen. Let's open up the business."

It's short, but it made us assume that Hotel Blue Moon would be a sequel to Korea's best loved series, and Kim Soo Hyun would be the main character. Unfortunately, tvN shared that they haven't discussed a possible follow-up season yet. While some got heartbroken over this news, we're still here believing that they're certainly not closing doors on Hotel Blue Moon! Listed down below are the reasons why we're desperately hoping that the K-drama gods would grant our wish!

1. It would be a great comeback drama for Kim Soo Hyun.

After his military service, K-drama fans were excited to see him back on screen again. We all know that he has a strong bond with the cast of Hotel Del Luna, especially IU, who he worked with on Dream High and The Producers. That's why when he had a cameo appearance on the last episode with his ethereal visual and superb acting skills as the new owner, everyone instantly got thrilled for Hotel Blue Moon to become a reality because it will surely be an exceptional comeback for him!  

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2. We're curious about his back story as a character in the HDL universe. 

After the gods made Man Wol the owner of Hotel Del Luna because of her strong resentment towards life, we're curious why the deities chose Kim Soo Hyun's character as the owner of Hotel Blue Moon. Everyone in Hotel Del Luna has a backstory that's so painful yet interesting, so does it mean that Kim Soo Hyun's character has a tragic past like Man Wol? Was he a mean person when he was alive, and this was his punishment? We need to know!

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3. We can't let go of Chan Seong just yet.

We all cried our hearts out over Man Wol and Chan Seong's last moment together, and as much as we want them to end up together in this lifetime, we're still hoping that Chan Seong doesn't die a lonely man! After all the sacrifices he made for the Hotel Del Luna staff to leave the living world peacefully, he deserves to be adored and loved. That's why if Hotel Blue Moon happens, we're praying to the deities that we get to see him living a happy life with or without someone else beside him. 

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4. We want to see what Hotel Blue Moon is like. 

One of the things we loved about Hotel De Luna is how beautiful the hotel looked inside. Although it only catered to ghosts, if it's a hotel that's open for everyone, it would be a part of our bucket list because of how majestic it looked! While Hotel Del Luna was already the most stunning hotel we've ever seen, we're curious if Hotel Blue Moon is just as breathtaking.

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In reality, when Hotel Del Luna ended, we were left devastated! It's named as the best Korean drama of this year for a reason, and a second season surely won't hurt! The fact that they teased us with Hotel Blue Moon has gotten our hopes up already, so we're all gathering in a prayer circle so that the deities would hear us. Care to join?

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