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Don't Be "Tanga, Bobita" in Life and Love! Learn from Annabelle, the "'Day, Hard" Way

Don't Be

Being one of the fiercest and feistiest women in the showbiz industry, Annabelle Rama is a woman a lot can learn from. From her vast experiences in love, career, and family, her words of wisdom are something people can treasure.

Her latest book Day, Hard compiles all of her life experiences, both good and bad, and gives advice to those who are in love, who are challenged with their careers, and who are aiming to have a happy family life.

During the presscon last December 15, Annabelle talked about the inspiration behind her newest milestone and dropped a few quotable quotes hinting to the contents of her book. 


“Kung mahal niyo ang tao, hindi kayo mag-eexpect ng regalo.”

True love knows no boundaries, and Annabelle can testify to that. Just marvel at how she and husband Eddie Gutierrez have been a couple for more than 40 years, and still stay together after all the challenges they have faced together.

When we mean challenges, we refer to things like Eddie’s old womanizing habits and Annabelle being pressured with having a superstar actor as her boyfriend back then. Yes, both Annabelle and Eddie conquered them all!


“Pumasok kaya ako sa butas ng karayom bago ko siya nakuha.”

Annabelle openly admitted that it was a long climb before Eddie became her boyfriend, and eventually her husband. Back then, Eddie was a superstar, while she was a mere fan of Eddie. At first, it seemed impossible but Annabelle worked extra hard in pursuing Eddie, even following him to Manila (Annabelle’s from Cebu).

The rest is history, and up to this day Annabelle is very vocal on how much she loves Eddie. Persistence and hard work are indeed the keys to practically everything.


 “Mataray nga ako, pero may puso ang pagkataray ko.”

Ever wonder how Annabelle’s driver and helper are still with her for almost 30 years in spite of having a feisty reputation with other people? It is because deep inside, she has a heart for others. One way she cares for her staff? By giving adequate money for food every time she has errands to do around the metro.

Never mind the numerous times she and daughter Ruffa Gutierrez have argued; in the end, she would still support her daughter’s needs in life.


“Nasa isang tao kung paano dalhin ang mga tauhan niya."

Annabelle has been in the showbiz industry for several decades, and many people would look up to her. The secret to people trusting her? It’s how Annabelle treats her personnel, whether it may be their helpers at home or artists she manages.

“Dapat mayroon kang respeto sa empleyado…[at] huwag mo silang pababayaan,” Annabelle said in her book Day, Hard.


 “Sa buhay ng tao hindi lahat swerte; dadaan ka din sa pagsubok.”

Throughout Annabelle’s life, there are both ups and downs, and she welcomed everything by carrying on and accepting these events as part of her life moments. For her, everything is a learning experience, and she knows that she can learn from them, no matter how good bad it may be.

“Dapat ganoon tayo pagdating sa life. Wala kang regret sa buhay mo,” Annabelle said as an advice to herself in Day, Hard.


You can purchase Annabelle’s book Day, Hard at all leading bookstores nationwide for Php 175. Photos by Nimfa Chua.




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