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Hot Stuff: You Can Finally Drive Thru Wendy's!

Hot Stuff: You Can Finally Drive Thru Wendy's!


Wendy's, the American fast food burger giant, opened its first drive-thru store in the Philippines recently. The store is in Dagupan City, a major commercial hub in Northern Luzon.

“Wendy’s is one of the fast food staples here in the Philippines and we are very excited to open the first drive-thru branch in the country under our wing, Udenna Corporation. This move to open drive-thru branches outside Metro Manila is a big boost to the provincial market, and Wendy's Philippines is proud to bring this development to them," said Joey Garcia, president of Wenphil Corporation. "Wendy’s Dagupan is the first of many modern and innovative branches we plan to open in the coming months."

During the opening of the store at Jose De Venecia Extension, Dagupan City Mayor Marc Brian Lim thanked Wendy's Philippines for opening a store in the city as this boosts the employment sector for people in Dagupan. Also present to show their support for the opening of Wendy's Dagupan were Mr. Joseph Lucero, Wendy's APAMEA customer experience director S.J. Wong, and Wendy's Dagupan sub-franchisee Ms. Brittany Tomagos.

"The Tomagos were actively into bangus business before they opened many other ventures. Before opening Wendy’s Dagupan, they have previously opened a coffee franchise in the city, located just a few steps from Wendy’s. As we are very strict with quality control, Brittany was sent to Guam to undergo training in preparation for this opening," explained Garcia.

Wendy's Dagupan is sporting a new look—trendy, upbeat, and more modern. "We adopted this from the US stores, but we added some to make it a little bit better. Our new sets of customers, the younger generation, look at the design in terms of how worthy it is to be shared on social media," Garcia shared.

Wendy's joins Udenna Corporation’s diversified portfolio of businesses, which includes petroleum and oil through Phoenix Petroleum, shipping and lo'gistics through Chelsea Logistics, real estate through Udenna Development, education through Enderun Colleges, and infrastructure through Udenna Infrastructure.

Wendy’s has been in the Philippines for more than 30 years and remains a valuable presence in the fast food scene. It is well known for its famous signature burger, Bacon Mushroom Melt, as well as its famous eat-all-you-can salad bar.

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