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In Focus: All-Nighter Tips When You're Studying for an Exam

In Focus: All-Nighter Tips When You're Studying for an Exam


Pulling an all-nighter to study is quite a challenge especially for those who aren't exactly evening persons. But, unfortunately, the scenario's inevitable. You have a full class schedule at present, the next day you're expected to be prepared for a test, and meet other courses' project deadlines at the same time. There's nothing left for you to do in order to accomplish all that than to stay wake the whole night, right?

As a student, you know all too well the struggle of fighting the exhaustion, regaining the lost energy, and refreshing the overused brainpower anew in just a span of 24 hours. Coffee and energy drinks could probably work for some but not all. And if you're the latter, here are other tips to help you get past the exam week even with minimal Zs:

Stay caffeinated.

Caffeine has long been scientifically proven stimulants that bring back our alertness and speed up our mental as well as physical activities. For us, coffee is the definitely the answer.

Have snacks around.

Nuts and chocolate chips really help in desperate times. More than their tried-and-tested effects, having something around to reach for and munch on will distance our minds from the thought of sleeping.

Take a power nap.

If it gets harder and harder to fight, don't give it a second thought to sleep first. It's better than wasting your time studying in a drowsy state and just end up absorbing nothing. But swear by your long list of reviewers to wake up on your alarm!

Get away from distractions.

Disconnect from the internet, turn your phones on silent mode, or, for best results, hide and put it away from your area of studying. We're well aware of the hazards one notification can bring. Been there, done that.

Sit up straight.

Never work on your studies while lying down. Don't do it in a very comfortable form of cushion. Try and you'll understand that the temptation when you're feeling cozy is as real as it gets. Remember that this isn't the time to pick up your bed's calling. PS: Keep the lights on for precautionary measures!

Coming up with organized notes and comprehensive reviewers may be of help in the learning part. Still, they're not enough to make a difference if you don't have the fire to get your hands on them. We hope that these all nighter tips can be of help to keep your eyes and body from shutting down. Now, go forth and ace your exams!

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