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In Focus: 5 Podcasts to Listen to When You're Doubting Yourself

In Focus: 5 Podcasts to Listen to When You're Doubting Yourself


We're now in an era where everything that we need to see or hear is just one click away, and that includes meaningful words when we're having a mental breakdown because of our insecurities. If you've never explored the incredible world of podcasts, give it a go if you're in dire need of an inner boost!

During the times when you have doubts and all you need is someone to share how they deal with it, pop your earphones on and dive into someone else's world that's much relatable to yours. Let's learn more about our inner struggles and how we can move forward from them through these inspiring podcasts!

1. Just A Tip with Megan Batoon

A podcast that gives humorous yet heartfelt advice to its listeners, Just A Tip is where host Megan Batoon shares the things she learned in life, so you won't have to make the same mistakes that she did. Since she's someone who created a name for herself on YouTube, it's safe to say that trusting Megan with our life choices won't lead us into a sticky situation. If you need a podcast with a great host, relatable guests, and good vibes, then this is it!

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2. Pretty Basic with Alisha and Remi

Being two of the most subscribed lifestyle and beauty vloggers on YouTube, Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz created a podcast called Pretty Basic which gives us an insider look at their daily lives that we're not getting from their channels. It's like having a sleepover with your BFFs, but the difference is that they're also your big sisters who would willingly help you get through life's hardest battle A.K.A. having low self-esteem! Subscribe to their podcast to hear more about dealing with your insecurities, even if it seems you have it all.

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3. There You Are with Debby Ryan

An actress since she was thirteen, Debby Ryan has joined the world of the podcast this year with her show There You Are. You might know her as the sweet girl Bailey Pickett from The Suite Life On Deck and the fierce beauty queen Patty Bladell from Insatiable, but Debby is widely popular in the industry as an intelligent woman who has a lot of things to say when it comes to our society today. There are many experiences in her life that she hasn't shared with the public because she feels like the media wasn't the best place to open up about them. But her podcast is a safe space for her to have meaningful conversations with interesting people in the industry! 

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4. Don't Blame Me! with Meghan Rienks

If you're looking for a podcast from a fellow work-in-progress, then Don't Blame Me is the one for you! Hosted by actress and internet star Meghan Rienks, this podcast is all about being truthful when it comes to topics such as mental health and relationships while adding a humorous touch to it. She's the kind of person who's honest about everything that she has experienced in her life, especially the moments where she screwed her self-esteem up and how she rose above it.

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5. Adulting with Joyce Pring

Whether you admit it or not, adulting is one of the scariest things that you could experience in life, especially if you just got to your 20s. Don't worry, because big sis Joyce Pring is here to teach you the how-to's of adulting! From money and time management to coping with self-doubts, this podcast is going to help you traverse through life with as little unnecessary stress as possible! 

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When your insecurities get the best of you, it's hard to deal with it on your own. Seeing how successful these podcast hosts are, it's easy to think that they have a perfect life. But in reality, they're just like everyone else who's trying to survive the moments when they've doubted themselves, that's why we're thankful that their soothing words exist to give us that much-needed pep talk!

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