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Chalk Bright Young Manila: UP Graduate Eunice Evangelista Advocates for Children with Special Needs

Chalk Bright Young Manila: UP Graduate Eunice Evangelista Advocates for Children with Special Needs


She’s not caught in LSS, but a line from "The Greatest Love Of All" has been ringing in 22-year-old Eunice Evangelista’s head ever since. “I believe that children are our future,” goes the first part of this Whitney Houston hit, a line that the Chalk BYM winner has come to really believe in. As someone who works closely with a lot of kids, Eunice fuels her everyday with so much faith in the current generation.

When she entered the competition, choosing the advocacy to promote is a no-brainer. As a speech pathologist, Eunice figured that her involvement in the field is a good starting point, thus picking out the inclusion of children with special needs to support. The UP graduate realized that this journey gave her the confidence to speak up and speak out for such issues, and felt more empowered to spread the word on this matter. Eunice stands to be the voice for a commonly heedless subject.

“The youth looks up to young adults who succeed in what they do, and that’s what I want to be,” the BYM victor firmly states. As much as she wants to touch the lives of the youth, it’s also her inspiration in further pursuing the path as a role model. She adds, “I know what they are capable of doing, and I’m there to help them reach their full potential. If not me, who else would be their voice and their chance to show themselves?”

Eunice is a living sustainment of the kids, and if you ask her, it’s giving time to her passion and succeeding in her goals that keep her moving. Allowing herself to listen to gut feel helped her discern the important things she wants to focus on. It also gave her insight on other concerns related to the medical field, such as the poor health care system in the country. With this stint in BYM, the multi-hyphenate hopes to share this awareness to her fellow youth.

Another thing that she’s learned from her job is the importance of holistic self-care. Sure, as a gymnast coach which she does on the side, her being physically healthy is a given. But Eunice knows better than to neglect the other fractions that we need to look after. So when the going gets rough, she advises to take a breather and look inwards. “I learned that it’s okay to take breaks sometimes. It’s also important to check yourself every once in a while,” she says. And of course, nourishing yourself with good food and an active lifestyle works wonders, too!

When asked on what else she’s willing to explore in the future, Eunice’s answer doesn’t leave much of her current life behind, threading what she’s establishing at present to a clear future on the plan. “I’d like to pursue the arts,” she reveals. Incorporating this with her advocacy makes it fun and more interesting for the kids, Eunice grins. Part of her is also keen on exploring an uncharted territory—to explore and uncover talents she may have, like singing, acting, and dancing.

Juggling everything on her plate with a cause in tow can take much of one’s energy and time, for sure. But for a determined person like herself, doing and succeeding in things she’s passionate about prompts her to just make it happen. 

“In the end, it’s about doing what you love. Both being a gymnastics coach and a speech pathologist are not easy jobs. But if you’re passionate about this kind of work, it becomes less difficult than it has to be,” she relates. It’s in knowing your core that you find joy even in the littlest things.

With this attitude and mindset, it’s clear how Eunice rose to the ranks as one of the Brightest in Manila.

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