In Focus: Step Into The Future of Sustainable Tourism Through Tech!

In Focus: Step Into The Future of Sustainable Tourism Through Tech!

Over the years, Filipinos have developed a love of travel like never before. Airline companies are launching promos after promos to make every Philippine and international destination within reach. Tour groups have been sprouting left and right, allowing us to see and experience the activities at destinations we thought we’d only see on Instagram or Facebook.

Along with these developments and appreciating all that Mother Earth has given us, sustainable tourism has been a focal point for inspiring people to stay good nature warriors. To help with these efforts, Globe has launched various sustainable initiatives in partnership with the Department of Tourism (DOT) with its first pitstop in the country’s hottest destination: Siargao!

For five days, Globe showcased their dedication in being part of the sustainability movement through various commitments and programs for the people of General Luna in Siargao: Sustainability in practice, community, technology, business and people. Here are some of the initiatives you’ll see around the beautiful island of Siargao:

Connect and enjoy more #Sharegao moments. World Tourism Day kicked off with a livestreaming session at the Cloud 9 Boardwalk with announcements of what’s expected from this exciting partnership of Globe, together with the Department of Tourism and the different sectors of Siargao’s locality.

At the ribbon cutting ceremony of the three new cell sites in Siargao, Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu, recognizes that a lot of people in Siargao are looking for better connectivity. “With these three new cell sites in Siargao, we bring data services to the island so that tourists can share their Siargao experience to the rest of the world. We are laying down fiber so that businesses can have better Internet connection. We have Globe myBusiness to aid micro, small and medium enterprises in the digitalization of their operations. Since Siargao lacks banks, we enable financial transactions through mobile phone using GCash. This is just the start, there are more coming up.”

Today, connectivity on the island is even better while soaking up the sun along the shores of Siargao. We’re saying yes to having more #Sharegao-worthy moments.

Ribbon cutting ceremony of the three new cell sites in General Luna, Siargao with Globe CEO and President, Ernest Cu, and General Luna mayor, Cecilia Rusillon

It’s easier to go cashless in Siargao with GCash

Team Globe donating used tarpaulins for upcycling to Nature Kids of Siargao

Going cashless. One of the major difficulties of living in an island is having access to ATMs and banks. So far, in Siargao, it has been a true #StruggleIsReal situation. When GCash came into the picture, transactions have been smoother from both customer and business ends.

“Our partner restaurants can order from us any time without hassle. Sometimes, all we need is a text from them and settle the payment via GCash,” says Analyn Delpina, co-founder of Bayatakan, a farm-to-table wellness retreat located in General Luna, Siargao. “Instead of remitting and finding ourselves frustrated over missing bank hours, we just need the app and deliver payment straight to their e-wallet.”

Omar Tawfek of Ma+D Coffee feels the same way, especially when he has to contact his suppliers from all over the Philippines! “We have encountered problems with cash especially before when there were only two ATMs in the island,” he shares. By being a GCash partner, his customers have been enjoying coffee and the view from his café with less hassle. Just a tap of the button and everyone’s enjoying the aroma of good coffee and the sea.

Sam Wilson, Co-founder of Bayatakan

Ana Delpina, Co-founder of Bayatakan

Bayatakan Farm

Turning trash into treasures with the Nature Kids of Siargao. As a must-travel destination in the country, Siargao has seen itself adapting to the influx of tourists from all over the world. If you’ve been around for even a weekend, you’ll see an entire community committed to preventing solid waste pollution in their town.

One of Siargao’s well-known NGOs is Nature Kids of Siargao. Taking the eco-orientation approach, Nature Kids of Siargao educates children about the harmful effects of irresponsible waste management. “The idea is to turn the island kids into nature kids,” shares Nature Kids of Siargao founder Sanne Sevig. “We know that more tourists mean more trash. And we refuse trash. Through eco-orientation, we’ve seen behavior of these kids change. Little actions and imbibing the 4R’s (refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle) is success in itself.”

In an effort to commit to sustainability, Globe donated their old tarpaulins to Nature Kids of Siargao as a way of refusing plastic and reducing plastic use. These tarpaulins will be turned into upcycled bean bags which are sold around the island. To further help them with researching more sustainable means of helping the community, they were also provided a Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi to connect them better.

Traveling, as they say, is a rewarding experience. We can all contribute to sustainability even through small steps. Just like Globe’s initiatives in Siargao, tech has a place in sustainable tourism. It takes a tap of a button to contribute to farms like Bayatakan and support homegrown businesses like M+AD through GCash. Even the benefits of cell sites can increase the connectivity and mobilization of businesses and activities in the island. And when you do visit, be sure to donate solid wastes to local groups like Nature Kids of Siargao. Easy as pie, right?

Sanne Sevig, founder of Nature Kids of Siargao

The team of Nature Kids of Siargao

The team of Nature Kids of Siargao

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Photographs courtesy of Globe




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