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In Focus: Why We're Currently Stanning MAMAMOO More than Ever

In Focus: Why We're Currently Stanning MAMAMOO More than Ever


Their vocal power is honestly the first thing we've come to love about Mamamoo. Nothing you say can change the fact that the female K-pop quartet, taking with them only their wide-range voices and unmatched harmony on stage, can get all the works done. Dare we argue, MMM is really that diva group!

Can we also talk about how Hwasa, Solar, Moonbyul, and Wheein still haven't seen their glory days since debuting five years ago when they're perfectly the deserving talents that the world needs to see? Maybe if people would start to click on their jaw-dropping live performances and hear out their revolutionary verses, they would get our point and stan MMM themselves—that along with all these other reasons:

1. They never disappoint.

It sounds like what anyone would say about their ultimate idols, but, in this case, you better believe that it's not something uttered out of bias. Watch them at award ceremonies or relive their Queendom episodes, and you'll see that they always come prepared, no matter when they go in the order of performance. With Mamamoo, you get what you expect, most of the time more than that.

2. They're well-rounded.

Mamamoo's talents don't come in bare minimum. Their ability to blend well with artists and own the songs that they cover prove their vocal versatility. Byul and Hwasa's back-to-back actual rapping also slaps every time. Another thing not to miss is their diverse choreo, which contrary to what others believe, doesn't make it easy to sound stable—well, unless your voice is at excellence level as our kweens.

3. They are royalty when it comes to live performances.

We know a real artist when we hear one perform live. With or without head mics, Mamamoo consistently sings live—no recording, no autotune, sound filter, or whatsoever. And that doesn't hold them back from killing the stage and turning a supposedly mini event into a whole MMM concert. They said respect that lipsync community, but, sorry, it ain't them.

4. They make the rules.

Pay attention to Mamamoo when they tell you what the new "cool" means. Coming back with "HIP" off their second full album reality in Black early this month, the girls schooled us to do our thing, care less about what others will think, and be our own queens. If that ain't a literal punch of women empowerment then what it is?

This underratedly powerful K-pop group is ready to be everywhere, and you can bet that not even you, who've slept on them for too long, can stop them from doing so. The time will come that the world will learn to give credit where credit is due. Until then, we'll keep focusing on our faves. Stan Mamamoo!

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