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Crop to Cup: Coffee with a Cause

Crop to Cup: Coffee with a Cause

Did you know that coffee is the second most consumed drink in the world next to water?

Coffee has always been part of our mornings, afternoon chats, even midnights over crammed papers, presentations, and slumber parties. It varies from ice cold or hot, black or white, frothed or frappe, and goes well with any kind of bread and pastry, silog, or pasta.

Here in the Philippines, coffee’s popularity is evidenced by the increasing number of coffee shops in recent years, from international chains to third wave specialty places. Despite this, farmers are still the poorest among societies around the world. They cultivate the land and grow the crop, but always get the lowest pay.

With passion for local farmers and in pursuit of the “Ultimate Coffee Experience,” Di Bella Coffee, one of the premium coffee brands in Australia which is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by The Cravings Group, introduced the Crop to Crop Programme during Crave the Bean: Chocolate and Coffee Festival last November.

Crop to Cup is Di Bella Coffee's direct coffee-buying program where their coffee-buying specialist goes to the finest coffee regions around the world, soon in the Philippines, to find premium quality raw coffee. Instead of transacting with businessmen and established coffee manufacturers, they build mutual beneficial relationships with local farmers through direct trade. And because there are no brokers in between the farmers and Di Bella, farmers would be getting the pay they deserve for their hard work plus more job opportunities will be available for their community. Also, coffee price is more stable over time, without compromising the quality of their signature blends.

And among their drink selection, we also found uniquely brewed coffees for different personalities:

For the budget-conscious: Modena, one of their most popular blends, pairs well with milk and is also good on its own as long as it's black or americano. This can be your everyday coffee.

For spice-lovers: Arnika Reserve is another signature blend of theirs that features a peppery, spicy dark chocolate aroma and well-rounded and full-bodied taste. If you want a different kick to your coffee, this is perfect for you.

For adventure-seekers: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Natural Single Origin is one of their single origin coffees grown from a specific region/farm. This one from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia has a fruity and berry-like flavour and fragrance that goes perfectly with macchiato, says Moses Tawil, their in-house coffee specialist.

Di Bella shares their ethical responsibility with their customers through small talks and seminars. That with every cup of coffee they buy, they just don’t wake their sleepy nerves or satisfy their cravings, but also help in elevating the lives of local farmers.

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