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In Focus: How To Avoid "Drawing Lakads" With Your Barkada

In Focus: How To Avoid


When you're close to your barkada, you may want to spend more time with them. And when this desire is triggered, it prompts you to plan a trip! Whether it's just a weekend day-out, a Friday night "ganap," or a holiday getaway, it's all nice and exciting when you're just talking about it. However, when the preparation comes in, the plan begins to fade—this is what or generation now calls "drawing lakads." The fact that there's a term for it says a lot about youth culture, and it's not something we're proud of!

We all want to bond with our barkada and be able to visualize the wondrous bonding sessions we're going to have. But if none of us are willing to move forward with the planning and organization, then we'll just end up not seeing each other as often as we'd like to. If you're so over this, here are some tips to put some color in those drawings once and for all.

1. Book in advance.

Most of us dream of having a spontaneous adventure with the squad, but this isn't always the case when it comes to trips, especially if you're planning to do this with your friends who are busy themselves. That's why if you're going out with your friends, book in advance! Whether it's just a lakad to your favorite restaurant or staycation out of town, check first if the place is available on the date you're planning to go, so you won't have any problems once you're there. Plus, this will make your barkada have a harder time to back out since the date is set in stone, and you've all paid for it already. 

2. Agree on a budget.

One of the hardest things to figure out when planning a lakad with your barkada is the budget because people have different sources of income and thoughts on how much money they're willing to spend. Make sure you all agree to the budget (and every other single detail for that matter) so that no one will have the excuse that they can't afford to come along. 

3. Communicate every day about the trip.

Make you group chat useful by actually communicating regularly until the day of your planned trip or get-together. Whether you're delving into the logistics of your lakad or simply conveying your excitement to see each other, dropping a line can go a long way in realizing your plans. Surely, you'll arrive to that highly anticipated date in no time!

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4. Compromise.

You and your friends will not always be on the same page, that's why when you're planning to go somewhere with them, you all have to learn how to compromise. Decisions shouldn't depend on one person only. If you want to go on a trip on a Thursday because you have a flexible schedule and the place you're planning to go aren't packed during weekdays, but your friend who just started her first job couldn't submit a vacation leave yet, someone's going to give way. Every person in your barkada deserves to share their preferences, so practicing the art of compromise prevents a conflict that could get in the way of your meet-ups.

5. Have someone lead the trip.

Organizing a lakad with your friends is hard, so it's best to assign someone to be the group leader of the trip or even just the person who knows a lot about the planning process and everyone's go-to when they have any concerns about it. If the idea of appointing someone to be the leader is too much for the group, then you could just let each member lead in different aspects of the trip. For example, one person will be the one to look for a place to stay, one for the transportation, and one for the itinerary. 

6. Be decisive.

Planning requires anything but neutrality. Whether it's about where you're going to stay for the night or the place you're going to visit first, make up your mind and say it. If you and your friends are surely game with anything, then you have no right to complain once you're already on the trip. Believe us, being neutral will not get you anywhere. 

If you want an organized and exceptional trip, you and your barkada should keep these tips in mind. Be determined to push through with your plans no matter how hard it gets. When worse comes to worst, rescheduling is your last resort—not giving up!

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