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In Focus: Long-Lasting K-Pop Friendships that We Still Stan

In Focus: Long-Lasting K-Pop Friendships that We Still Stan


There was a time when Super Junior was comprised of 12 members ruling the K-pop world. They still do now but with only nine of them active. To recap, Kibum went to pursue his acting career, Hangeng had contract issues with their label, Sungmin's on hiatus after getting married, and Kangin recently made his exit official. But that's okay because what matters is that the boys remain friends and supportive of each other until today!

Not everyone can keep a friendship going after being on indefinite break or, worse, disbanding. But maybe bitterness really has no place in this lifetime when it comes to two or more people who were once bonded by the same dreams and walked the same course together. Here, we give you a list of K-pop acts we refuse to stop stanning 'cause of their long-lasting friendship:

Girls' Generation

The future of these kweens is still not clear ever since Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun ended their contracts with SM. Currently, each member is busy with their solo activities, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't see them together again. In fact, they've been constantly meeting up—one time for Tiffany's birthday and another for Sooyoung's movie premiere. #GG4EVA!


CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy officially disbanded in 2016, but talking about it is honestly becoming less painful now because the girls have proven that contrary to popular belief, there's no bad blood among them. With CL and Dara travelling, Dara and Bom collaborating, Bom paying tribute to 2NE1 on Queendom, Minzy surprisingly sending a message of support to Bom, and everyone opening up to the idea of reunion, our Blackjack hearts can't be any happier and more hopeful!


A three-piece f(x) recently performed at the SM Town concert in Japan, and, in that moment, we can't deny that we hoped for a comeback. But then Amber, Luna, and Victoria didn't renew their contracts, so now we're not sure what will happen. Still, we remain positive especially when Amber and Krystal show off their solid friendship every chance they get. Our angel Sulli must be proud.

Wonder Girls

Though the group ended in 2017, the members are still there for each other through thick and thin. The way they cheer for the individual paths they're taking, we super adore! They've gone through a lot from lineup changes to becoming a global phenomenon, why not make friendship the fruit of it all and make it worth it? Nobody can argue.


Nothing's so cool than seeing Dasom, Soyou, and Bora gathering together for Hyolyn's birthday. Or is the members' attendance at Hyolyn's concert way cooler? We can't decide, but that's not what's important. What's important is that they stay in contact, and we don't fail at being happy for their respective careers because that's what they want to hear from us. SISTAR, fighting!

Wanna One

The group was shortlived, yet the idol members didn't let that regretful ending be their friendship's finish line. They enjoy unplanned reunions here and there, musical team-ups, and fulfilling their promise to celebrate their anniversary every year which they just did last August! Wanna One will always be one, we just knew it!

Super Junior

For such a long time, we expected ourselves to have already moved on from Kibum leaving the group in 2009. Not until ten years later, he and his hyung Heechul reunited, hugged, and nearly cried from seeing each other again on national television! The moment was so pure and precious! Now, sorry not sorry, but we think we still want our SuJu in its OG form, please.

To beat the seven-year curse is probably one of the biggest achievements a K-pop group could accomplish, but building a friendship out of it is more rewarding. Nevertheless, we're still hoping we'll get to see our faves have the best of both worlds because why not?

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