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Cheat Sheet: 6 Tips on How to Deal with PMS Gracefully

Cheat Sheet: 6 Tips on How to Deal with PMS Gracefully


All women would agree that monthly periods are such regular nightmares. With the excruciating cramps that come with it accompanied by raging hormones, what girls have to deal with every month is certainly no joke. Experiencing the physical and emotional pain before and during menstruation is a situation not everyone can handle gracefully. But with these tips, one can learn how to deal with the pre-menstural syndrome A.K.A. the most dreadful seven days for us girls, hopefully, in a less maddening way:

1. Continue working out.

Despite the extreme body pain, working out shouldn’t be eliminated in a girl's routine when PMS-ing. It doesn’t just help the body adjust to the current season, it’ll also give you an extra push to power through, all thanks to those happy hormones. It's just what every girl needs!

2. Take enough time to rest. 

Other than plainly lying down and not doing anything at all, you should start taking your time to get proper rest during this time of the month. With this kind of downtime, girls now have the perfect excuse to get our well-deserved break and maximize our me-times!

3. Don’t let your unnecessary cravings win.

Although all your unnecessary cravings definitely sound so appealing at this time,  stay strong and don’t let those win. Resist all the greasy and tooth-aching kind of munchies. From burgers, chicken wings, and French fries to cakes, donuts, and ice cream, you’ll be surprised at how your body and mood improve despite the pain you’re currently in!

4. Stay with your feel-good movies and songs.

This is easily the no-brainer solution when it comes to dealing with PMS. Feel-good music and movies are the best options when you feel down or a little bit under the weather after all those sudden mood swings. Aside from them being just a click away, you also have a hundred different options you can conveniently choose from!

5. Drink your water, girl.

Staying hydrated sometimes becomes a task we fail to accomplish. Our tendency to forget to drink enough water despite the need to is real, especially when we get too busy with our other life ganaps. We shouldn’t take this for granted though. Having enough amount of water in our bodies would absolutely lift the weight off during our PMS days.

6. Smile more than you’re used to.

Whenever we’re experiencing PMS, transforming into a version of ourselves that we don’t really intend to happens often. Our hormones at this time can be a little bit too messy which can cause us distress. Although smiling more than we’re really used to requires effort, this would definitely do the trick and turn our day around!


Yup, every girl’s struggle when the period is about to visit is real. The mood swings, body pain, and the other weird feelings that come with it are no joke, but it’s already there. Let’s all just deal with it gracefully, and remember that this too shall pass.

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