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In Focus: The Many Surprising Health Benefits Of Sake

In Focus: The Many Surprising Health Benefits Of Sake

We’ve heard great many things about taking in fermented food, such as yogurt, for how it helps with our digestive system, or how drinking wine is supposedly good for our cardiovascular health. Well, guess what? Fermented Japanese rice wine, or more commonly known as sake, has a handful of health benefits, too! So aside from it being good, and something to take the edge off, there’s actually more to why the Japanese have been drinking sake for centuries.

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Boosts immune system and brain health

Sake is the preferred drink of Japanese people because it contains compounds like selenium, a mineral that helps prevent degenerative illnesses like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Having said that, those who drink sake, in moderation, have been proven to have better brain function compared to those who do not.

Prevents cancer and aids in bone health

Being that it is high in amino acids, which supposedly inhibits the growth of tumors, sake can actually reduce one’s risk of getting cancer, while other types of alcohol don’t. Other than that, these amino acids also strengthen the skeletal muscles, which means that drinking sake could help prevent brittle bones or the chances of developing osteoporosis!

Body-friendly alcohol

Drinking alcohol usually has adverse effects on our bodies, such as dehydration, hangovers, and upset stomachs. But aside from the over consumption of alcohol, it may also be due to what kind of alcohol is being consumed. Try replacing your usual drink with sake, and you might not experience any of these effects, as sake is a lot less acidic, plus it has less impurities from the fermentation process. It’s also said to be better on the waistline! But of course, everything in moderation!

Great for the skin

Ever wonder why the Japanese have clear and white skin? Drinking sake or applying it to the face as a toner actually inhibits the production of melanin, decreasing the appearance of dark spots like freckles and sun spots, plus it could also prevent one from getting wrinkles because the ferulic acid in sake absorbs UV rays from the sun. Aside from brighter and firmer skin, it could also soothe those who have skin problems like acne or eczema.

Improves blood circulation

Drinking a good amount of sake can do wonders to your body. Not only does sake increase our body temperature but it also helps maintain that temperature, therefore improving blood circulation - and this equals healthier organs and glowing skin.

Sake bath

You may think that sake is only for drinking, but it can also be used topically, and even for bathing! Some people actually use sake in baths by pouring a few cups of it in the bathtub for a “sake bath.” Its benefits? It is a good way to detoxify your body, while moisturizing your skin at the same time. You’ll also have a good night’s sleep after a sake bath.

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