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In Focus: 8 K-Pop Idols Who Left Their Group and Broke Our Hearts This Year

In Focus: 8 K-Pop Idols Who Left Their Group and Broke Our Hearts This Year


Is it just us or does 2019 feel like a hell of a year in the Hallyu scene? We've seen enough of our golden couples breaking up, favorite stars getting caught up in scandals, ultimate groups disbanding, and idols retiring from their careers. Yeah, same things had unfortunately happened years before, but it hits differently to see that it still does today.

For instance, who would have thought that our OT5 of more than a decade will be cut to four members admist us waiting for their full comeback? That hurts. The same feelings hold true when this one idol we eagerly hope to end his two-year hiatus finally returned just to announce his officially dropping his group's name. How we wish we're just being dramatic, yet we're not, and only true K-pop stans will understand.

Sorry, but we hate to suffer alone, so here's a roundup of all the K-pop idols who left their group this year:

Seungri of Bigbang

Nothing can compete with what we have to take in when Seungri quit Bigbang and the entire music industry in March following trafficking, gambling, and drug charges involving his private club, Burning Sun. According to the latest update on the case, the investigation has been forwarded to the prosecution.

Jonghoon of FT Island

The guitarist also walked out from the scene after being revealed to be part of an inappropriate group chat, also linked to the Burning Sun scandal, and alleged bribery to the police in order to cover his drunk-driving charge in 2016. Not wanting to affect FT Island's future reputation, fans appealed for his removal.

B.I of iKon

The rapper-songwriter departed the group in June after his attempted drug purchase three years ago resurfaced causing the case to be reopened. This led YG Entertainment to terminate their contract with Hanbin, who admitted that he considered buying it due to a hard time, but didn't take it.

Kangin of Super Junior

Early July, Kangin announced his exit from the group. He had been inactive in SuJu's activities since 2017 following assault and drunk-driving allegations. Despite leaving, Kangin promises continued support for the group.

Jonghyun of CNBLUE

Even Jonghyun didn't get away from the Burning Sun chat room controversry to which he admitted watching the videos of women being sent and commenting about it. He then chose to leave his group to reflect on his misconduct.

Hwall of The Boyz

It was health concerns for rookie idol Hwall that pushed him to leave the group in October. He stated in a letter that despite receiving rehab for his ankle injury he still continues to struggle performing on stage and so not to burden his members and get a full recovery, he decided to completely withdraw.

Woojin of Stray Kids

On October 28, Woojin shocked fans with the news of his departure. Stray Kids' label JYP Entertainment didn't expand on citing "personal circumstances" as his reason and just asked for Stays to support him in the new path he'll be taking.

Wonho of Monsta X

Fan petitions are still ongoing for the reinstatement of Wonho a couple of weeks since he left the globally rising K-pop group. The decision came after former colleagues accused him of debt, drugs, and having a juvenile record. Wonho later apologized to fans and members through a letter. 

With all these departures happening and considering the reasons they did it, you sure are torn between breathing a sigh of relief for the rest of the group's sake and staying loyal. We won't judge you if you opt to be the latter 'cause we understand how fandom love goes deeply unconditional. If there's anything left for us to say here, it's just that we hope for the remaining of 2019 to be good to us K-pop stans. Fighting!

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