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In Focus: Four Ways Commuters Can Cope With Metro Manila Traffic

In Focus: Four Ways Commuters Can Cope With Metro Manila Traffic

We all know how bad Metro Manila traffic is. Before it’ll get better, it’ll presumably get worse. A public official once said that maybe only Superman can solve this crisis; no matter how early you wake up to avoid it, you’re likely to get stuck somewhere along the way. Until its resolved, the best thing to do is cope. Here are four ways to do that without having to bring much with you!

Bring earbuds/earphones (better if they’re wireless!). You’d really feel the brunt of traffic congestion if you leave your earbuds or earphones at home. Moreover, when choosing what kind of audio accessory to bring, opt for wireless. Going the bluetooth route means you won’t have to stuff them into your pocket or bag and risk damaging the wires. Plus, they feel lighter. Having a pair is like having a portal to a ton of entertainment choices because you can listen to your fave playlists or podcasts! 

Read. Carrying a book with you is a great way to get your literature fix while passing the time.  Be it hardcover, paperback, or digital, reading is a worthwhile activity that you can do while in transit or waiting for a ride.

Game on! Today’s mobile phones are designed for playing top-of-the-line games on the go. If you want to take it a notch higher, try the Nintendo Switch where you can enjoy console-quality games anywhere, anytime! There’s Zelda, Mario Kart, Pokemon, and other titles to choose from while your body and soul are stuck along EDSA.

Freshen up on the go! Even if you took a nice bath, put on deodorant, and sprayed cologne before leaving the house, the Metro Manila commute will take a toll on you—especially your freshness. By the time you get to school or to the office, it’ll seem like you did none of those things. While traffic is a tough nut to crack, you can solve this part of the commute by bringing a pocket-sized fragrance with you wherever you go.

Here’s where Axe Pocket Fragrance comes in. As its name implies, you won’t need a bag to carry the Axe Pocket Fragrance with you—all you need is a pocket to slide it into! Whether you’re heading into the office, meeting up with your classmates, or going on a date, freshen up in an instant with this handy must-have for guys.

Metro Manila traffic is a huge time suck for everyone. There may not a lot we can do about it, so it’s up to us to find ways to deal with it and make better use of our time spent. 

The Axe Pocket Fragrance comes in several variants and is available in leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. For more information, visit the official Facebook page of Axe.

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