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Hot Stuff: Cinema One Originals 2019 Entries That Got Us Thrilled—Just By Watching The Trailers!

Hot Stuff: Cinema One Originals 2019 Entries That Got Us Thrilled—Just By Watching The Trailers!

For the festival's 15th year, the Cinema One Originals 2019 is bringing in an exciting roster of eight new full-length films. As always, expect the festival to churn out truly edgy and both emotionally and intellectually provocative material. I personally prefer seeing a trailer that would pique my interest because they’re usually a good gauge of the sensibility and taste level of both the film and the filmmaker. Film log lines don’t really excite me so based on the trailers alone, here are some of the entries that I’m most intrigued to catch. With the least knowledge of what these films are all about, here are my personal favorites trailers...

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O by Kevin Dayrit

It starts a bit slow but it bombards you with haunting visuals as you go along, and by the end of the two-minute trailer, it leaves you with not much of the plot, but definitely wanting more. It seems to be about vampires but told in an even darker, more contemporary style. It also stars Anna Luna and Jasmine Curtis-Smith, two of my favorite actresses of this generation.

Sila Sila by Gian Abrahan

One of only two romantic films in the roster, it stands out 'cause of the sound bites used in the trailer. It feels like a love story of this current generation and I’m eager to see Abrahan’s 3rd full length feature. I also recognize a lot of theater peeps and even a filmmaker friend in the cast but I’m super psyched to see Gio Gahol and Topper Fabregas headlining this film.

Lucid by Victor Villanueva

It gives the vibe of a Black Mirror kind of episode that’s why I’m sold. The composition of the shots are quite arresting, too, and with Alessandra De Rossi and JM de Guzman leading the cast, there’s rather a slim chance that you can go wrong with this film. It could also be another love story but it just ain’t what the trailer is selling.

Tia Madre by Eve Baswel

I love shapeshifting films and what looks like at first, a drama vehicle for the fabulous Cherie Gil grieving the loss of a child in the first part of the trailer, this film preview suddenly morphs into a fright fest of sorts. This has got to be one of the best trailers I’ve seen in recent memory. I am fervently hoping that the film would be just as good.

Other entries are Yours Truly, Shirley by Nigel Santos headlined by Regine Velazquez about a widow desiring her husband’s reincarnation in some pop star; Utopia by Dustin Celestino with Joem Bascon and Enzo Pineda in the cast which seems to be about the underbelly of crime and corruption; Tayo muna habang hindi pa tayo by Denise O’Hara starring JC Santos and Jane Oineza with pretty much a self-explanatory title; and the currently controversial Metamorphosis by J.E. Tiglao, which recently got an X rating from the MTRCB, is about an intersex individual (or a hermaphrodite as we refer to in animals).

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