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In Focus: How To Set Healthy Boundaries in Friendships

In Focus: How To Set Healthy Boundaries in Friendships


Friendships may come natural to you, but it's in keeping them that the hard work comes in. With things like selfishness, betrayal, and insecurities, it's not a surprise why some besties choose to part ways. And this kind of breakup isn't something a bouquet of roses and box of chocolates can fix. It's worse than ending things with a lover.

Sure, we could say it's exhausting especially when a friendship turns out to be toxic. We do not want to add drama to our already dramatic life, but at the same time, we also hate to see the person who used to stay by our side walk away from us just like that. And they need not to, only if you keep the bond healthier. How? You might need to look out for these boundaries:

Learn to say "no."

Stop overcommitting. You don't always need to answer when they call and accompany them when they're alone. After all, you also have other obligations that would require your attention more. Or sometimes, you're simply tired or even broke. In short, you have a life of your own. It's also good for your mental health to not have to be their shoulder to cry on every single time.

Be honest.

Consistently agreeing to whatever your friend say to you can be problematic. If you find their words and gestures hurtful and damaging, get over your passive phase and tell them. Make sure you don't make a mistake of letting your communication be one-way forever. Speak out, never tolerate.

Don't be possessive.

Watch how you act clingy to them. If you hold them back from meeting new people and having new friends, you better not question if they happen to be suffocated in your friendship. Their world doesn't revolve around you. Let them breathe, give them space. Remember they're your pals, not your properties.

Respect privacy. 

Friendship doesn't have to be very open in order to call it solid. You're not obliged to tell them everything, the same way it's not your right to know everything about them. And if they happen to entrust you with their whole story, keep it and take care of it. It's not your story to tell.

Friendship has its ups and downs, and we definitely don't expect you to slip away from it just easily. But despite it all, we hope that you won't ever let the latter get in your way, and setting a healthy set of boundaries may just be your key.

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