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In Focus: 5 Times Sharlene San Pedro Proved She's A Dedicated BLINK

In Focus: 5 Times Sharlene San Pedro Proved She's A Dedicated BLINK


Korean girl group BLACKPINK has been experiencing tremendous success and recognition since the start of the year. And as they become more popular, their fandom BLINK is also growing each day. Without a doubt, this talented girl group has captivated fans all over the world, but what made it more impressive is that even celebrities are dying to meet them.

One of these celebrities is Sharlene San Pedro who also stans BP as hard as we do! What we love most about her is how she's not shy to show how huge of a BLACKPINK fan she is. There are even times when she showed her fangirl side by listening to BLACKPINK songs while she's busy shooting for a show. She's a proud fan, but if you don't believe us, check out our favorite BLINK moments from Shar below!

1. When she asked her followers to vote for them...

Despite the controversies Sharlene was facing during this time, she didn't give any comment to the issues and instead tweeted for her followers to vote for BLACKPINK at the Mnet Asian Music Awards! She knew what's happening inside the fandom, so she wanted to help spread the word. That's how real she is as a BLINK, and we love her more because of that. 

2. When she showed us her BLACKPINK collection...

We still remember the time when she did a BLACKPINK lightstick unboxing. It was in that moment that we knew that Sharlene was entering the ultimate fangirl world without her knowing, and we're right! Last September, she uploaded a video on her YouTube channel showing her viewers her BLACKPINK collection. T-shirts, posters, albums, concert tickets—you name it, Sharlene has it! You can see how happy she is while sharing her collection, so it's all an investment that a true blue BLINK deserves! 

3. When she nailed the BLACKPINK quiz...

Since Sharlene is quite known for being a big fan of BLACKPINK, MYX challenged her knowledge about the group! Even before the video started, we already knew that she's going to nail the quiz, and she did. Although she might have gotten some questions wrong, we believe it's because she just started stanning them at the beginning of the year. From the country they were born in to the member who's a fan of Pikachu, Sharlene knew every fact by heart! She even shared some details about the group that some fans might not know! 

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4. When she dresses like them...

Most of the time, stanning a group leads to dressing like them! Since BLACKPINK is quite known for being the most stylish K-pop girl group, it's no surprise that they became the fashion pegs of BLINKs, too. Sometimes, Shar's Instagram followers even dub her as a new member of BLACKPINK because of her swag-filled OOTDs. Well, we're not complaining since her new style makes us want to steal the BP look, too!

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5. When she voices out every BLINK's concerns...

When you're in the BLINK fandom, you'll know how long the fans are waiting for BLACKPINK's full album and Rosé's solo track to be released. Although we're sure YG Entertainment hears our concerns, we still need a stronger voice. That's why when we saw Sharlene tweeting and commenting on the group's Instagram account how much she wants for them to release a song already, other BLINKs appreciated her move!  

An ultimate fan of the one girl group she loves, Sharlene became more relatable when she joined the BLINK fandom. Thanks to her, some of us have become more knowledgeable about BLACKPINK. That's why as we continue watching BLACKPINK become more successful, we're going to be on the lookout for more of Sharlene's loud and proud BLINK moments!  

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