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In Focus: How To Start Again When You're Transferring To A New School

In Focus: How To Start Again When You're Transferring To A New School


Attending school is already a challenge for many students—what more if you need to transfer? Without a doubt, adjusting to a new college is a difficult phase of any transfer student's life. From adapting to new situations to meeting new people, you're going to need a safety blanket! 

Fortunately, we got your back. You might be surprised to find out that starting over can be easier than you expected. Listed down below are five ways that can help you cope if you just transferred to a new school!

1. Have a positive outlook.

Take this movement as an opportunity to show the characteristics you hid from your old school and be your authentic self. More or less, it's like your starting over, so don't let the chance to have a fresh start get away from you because it doesn't come along very often. Remember, as a transfer student, having a positive outlook about the change can help you approach your life in a different yet better way.

2. Don't spend all your time studying in your first week.

We're sure you're in a new school with still one purpose in mind which is to get a good education, but don't spend all of your time studying in the library and missing out on all the other things that your new school has to offer! Attend all the free events, join every exciting gathering, go out, and have fun. Trust us when we say that you'll regret not doing this in your first week once you can't find free time during your hectic weeks. Plus, this is also a good way to have a feel of the social scene and feel like you're a part of your new school's community. 

3. Ask for help.

We get the feeling of looking around and seeing people who are already comfortable with where they are now and don't seem like they want to be bothered. It's understandable to feel intimidated towards them when you're the new kid, but don't let this nervousness keep you from asking for help when you need it. Know that there are professors, staff, and students who are always happy to help. Some schools even put other transfer students together who are going through similar situations so they won't feel isolated. Perhaps your new school might be like this, too!

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4. Make friends.

One of the most important things that you should try when you move to a new school is making friends! It might feel overwhelming, especially when you see other students have their set of friends already, and it's scary to try to fit into an established group of friends. But there are ways that could help you find your people like organizations, varsity teams, or the school paper. If you don't know where or how to start, just follow that spark of passion, and it would lead you to your new tribe!

5. Exude confidence.

Adjusting to a new school can be difficult, but, just like other situations, confidence is the first step to conquer a new challenge. When other people see you as a confident person, they will notice you more, which means it will be easier for you to work your way to success. You know what they say: fake it until you make it! 

Just like how it took time for you to have a fresh start in your old school, you'll also need to give yourself time to adjust to your new school. The bottom line here is that being a transfer student can be hard, but with these tips and tricks in mind, you just might discover that being a new student doesn't have to be such a scary obstacle that you have to surpass!

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