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In Focus: Celebrities Who Went From Fan-Idol Relationship To Real-Life Couples

In Focus: Celebrities Who Went From Fan-Idol Relationship To Real-Life Couples


What has been the highlight of your fangirling life so far? For our part, we could say lining up at concerts and successfully witnessing our idols perform live. To others it could be getting noticed on social media, or being able to take photo ops and shake their hands during meet-and-greets. However form it comes to you, be proud of it, it's a milestone! But if you're born under a lucky star, you might probably hit things bigger. Let's say, spark love?

Surely—at least once—you've made up scenarios in your heads where you're dating your celebrity faves. We won't blame you, we do that most of the time, too. And we won't stop you because, apparently, there's a chance (no matter how slim) that our fantasies can downright happen IRL. Learn from these stars who turned their celeb crushes into their S.O.!

Miley Cyrus & Cody Simpson

These two have only been spending time together over selfies, roses, and serenades for over a month but based on a little backstory, Cody once named Miley as her "childhood celebrity crush" in 2012, and he's not ashamed to admit that he can sing to all her songs. We can't stop thinking about how you pulled it off years after, but def #goals, Cody!

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Halsey & Evan Peters

It actually started with the actor playing a sociopath murderer Tate Langdon in American Horror Story which led the songstress to fall for him and gush about it on Twitter. One of her tweets even started a "petition" for Evan to date her. Though that didn't work back then, it sure did today and you can count us among the signatories.

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Hailey Baldwin & Justin Bieber

The model used to be one of Justin's biggest Beliebers, who holds "marry me" posters at concerts, wishes to be the next "One Less Lonely Girl" on stage, and fights over the "Mrs. Bieber" username on social media. Well, she the true champ on that because the title is are officially hers. Well, we've always wondered if the Biebs is up to marrying a fan, and he is. It's just not us.

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HyunA & DAWN

Not only did they step up in the dating scene in Korea, but they also smashed the misconception that women can't make the first move. HyunA in fact already liked Hyojong for awhile and was the first to confess her feelings to him. And that decision turned out to be perfect 'cause look where they are now: atop of K-pop's power couples.

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Things don't always go as planned, but, sometimes, it also goes far better than what we expected. Dating your celeb crushes may seem to be beyond imagination the same way being with someone who isn't them is heartbreaking. But, for what it's worth, we say just keep sliding into their DMs. *wink*

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