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In Focus: 5 Signs BLACKPINK's Rosé's Solo Is Coming This Year

In Focus: 5 Signs BLACKPINK's Rosé's Solo Is Coming This Year


In every group, there's always one member who stands out from the rest because of her golden voice that melts everyone's hearts with every note. And in K-pop's most popular girl group BLACKPINK, it's Park Chaeyoung A.K.A. Rosé! With her sweet vocals and stellar high notes, it's no surprise that Rosé has become everyone's bias wrecker. That's why when she covered Halsey's "Eyes Closed" and posted it online, BLINKs have been eagerly yet patiently waiting for the group's main vocalist's solo release! 

Although we also want a BLACKPINK full-length album, it wouldn't hurt to hear Rosé’s solo song before that. And we have a feeling that we're getting it soon! If you don't believe us, here are the signs that Rosé's solo will be released before the year ends! Fingers crossed!

1. She hasn't been busy endorsing a brand.

Although an idol in her caliber usually has a lot of brand endorsements, we noticed that lately, it's mostly the other BLACKPINK members Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo who have been going out of the country to shoot for brands. Some might assume that this is unfortunate, but we believe that Rosé has been up to something lately that she doesn't have enough time to shoot for a brand. Knowing how much of a perfectionist she can be, we have a feeling that she has been non-stop working just to put a track out exactly the way she wants.

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2. She's been spending time in the studio.

When she does post a recent picture of her on Instagram, fans believe that she's purposely giving out teasers! Just like her latest one which she captioned as "Studio B," which seems to be an actual music studio at The Black Label, YG's sub-label agency. Rosé was also seen by the fans online liking and commenting on The Black Label producer VINCE's recent Instagram posts. Well, it's obvious that she's hanging out in the studio because she's working on something special! 

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3. Fans want it to happen already.

In the K-pop industry, it has been proven numerous times that agencies always hear fans' requests, and Rosé's agency YG Entertainment is no exception. They even succumbed to BLINKs' idea for the group to have their very own summer photo book! From flooding YG's Twitter account to commenting on his personal Instagram account, BLINKs won't stop until they get what they want! YG, it's your move now!

4. Rosé revealed that she's been working on it. 

One of the reasons why we know that YG and Rosé have been reading BLINKs' requests is because Rosé, herself, left a message for her fans on Instagram live! She thanked the fans first for their patience and shared that her solo will be released sooner than we think. You can see in her face that she’s excited because she's in full control of it. That's why she asked the fans to continue being patient because there's a right timing for everything, and she only wants to present BLINKs with what she feels is best.

5. YG said Rosé's solo will be released after BLACKPINK's comeback. 

In February 2019, YG announced that BLACKPINK would have a comeback before this year ends, which already happened last April. But there's still one thing that fans are anticipating, BLACKPINK's Rosé solo release date, which he said is going to be this year! As a YG stan, we all know how hard it is to trust YG's words. Sometimes, he makes everything that he said come true, but most of the time it doesn't happen the way he said it. But in this case, we're keeping our hopes up because we we just can't wait any longer!

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To be honest, we don't mind the long wait. It's because we know that this talented girl deserves nothing but the best! And if ever we're wrong about these signs, we will still anticipate the moment when Rosé finally shines on her own because we're sure it's going to be remarkable. 

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