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In Focus: 5 Ways to Finish the Rest of 2019 Strong

In Focus: 5 Ways to Finish the Rest of 2019 Strong


The year’s almost over and, for sure, we all have high hopes for achieving the goals we set at the beginning of 2019. Although some may be a few steps closer to the end of that list, those who are still halfway through, since life has decided to go a different direction, should not be discouraged. There may be two months left for 2019, but with more self-determination, concrete efforts and pure support from the people close to us, we can still make the remaining days of the year our own and finish it strong. 

Here are some ways we can power through the rest of 2019:

1. Rewrite your goals somewhere you’d see everyday. 

Writing our goals on our newly bought planners every new year has already become a tradition for most of us. Yet, we tend to overlook these pages whenever our schedules get too busy. Start revisiting these plans and write them down again somewhere you can look at everyday so that you can be constantly reminded and help you stay on track. 

2. Take action and actually start moving. 

Putting the plans we had in mind to paper is simply not enough. Yup, the first step towards our personal growth is doing so, but following through is what matters the most. Taking some action, no matter how slow it may seem, will always be good for us. If we all start moving now, we’d be a step closer to the finish line. Remember, little progress is still progress. 

3. Forgive yourself for the mistakes but never forget the lessons.

Making mistakes throughout our yearly journey is okay. And since we’re just humans anyway, feeling down every time we do is perfectly normal. However, we should keep in mind that allowing self-doubt and negativity to take over will get us nowhere. Rather, forgiving ourselves and learning from the lessons along the way is what will bring us forward.

4. Stay close to the people who truly inspire you. 

No matter how much we want to keep that strong independent character upon reaching our personal goals for the year, having someone around who inspire us and can lift us up will certainly speed things up. When we stay close to our true cheerleaders A.K.A. people who genuinely care for us, our efforts to do better will also double.

5. Always remember how far you’ve come. 

Instead of feeling the pressure that the year is almost ending, treat each passing day as a chance to become the better version of ourselves, as compared to our yesterdays. And why feel the pressure of looking at how far away you still are, when you can turn that perspective around and focus on how much you've already achieved? Give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate your little wins. Just trust the process, and you’ll certainly make it.

Even if 2019 is almost over, working on our goals shouldn’t just stop there. Let’s all continue moving towards where we want to be no matter how much time it takes. After all, everyone’s a work in progress in their own way.

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