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#ChalkGetsReal: Flight Attendants Read Misconceptions About Their Job

#ChalkGetsReal: Flight Attendants Read Misconceptions About Their Job


Being a flight attendant is a prestigious dream for some. From exuding a sophisticated air to travelling across the world, this is probably one of the most coveted jobs around. But just like anything that we can only look at from a cerain distance, we all have various assumptions about being a flight attendant.

Flight attendants do more than just serving you food and making your journey comfortable. It's also not simply about looking pretty, having perfect skin, and possessing a model-esque height. In the latest episode of #ChalkGetsReal, we ask flight attendants to debunk these types of misconceptions about what they actually do for a living. For those who want to pursue the same career or are simply curious, check out the video below!


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