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In Focus: Binge-Worthy Shows You Can Watch This Sembreak

In Focus: Binge-Worthy Shows You Can Watch This Sembreak


After a long week of finishing your projects and studying for your exams, you're finally given a chance to have a much-needed break from school! Although this is a great time to go on an adventure with your friends, it's also the perfect moment to stay home and rest while watching shows that would help you get your mind off from school. 

Whether you're planning to binge-watch with your family and friends over chips and cold drinks or you're going to have some alone time with a tub of ice cream, listed down below are seven binge-worthy shows when you have a couple of days (or weeks) to spare! 

1. Money Heist (2017-present)

This series premiered its first season in late 2017, but it was just this year that it got the hype it deserved. The story is about a group of criminals who are devising a system to take over the Spanish Mint, but despite their well-researched plans, things aren’t going as expected. This Spanish heist series is told from a female perspective and presents a complex story with action-packed scenes and multi-dimensional characters, making the show worth watching during your break!  

2. Euphoria (2019)

An intruigingly intense teen series, Euphoria is about a 17-year-old drug addict namd Rue (played by Zendaya) and her friends, and their struggles in life. One of the things that made this show popular is how it presented mental health and drug issues in a more realistic approach. That's why if you're dealing with your own inner battles right now, perhaps, this might help you in a relatable way. Plus, their glittered makeup looks are TDF!

3. The Crown (2016-present)

A historical drama television series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown depicts the traces of her royal life from her wedding in 1947 through the present day. With the Oscar-winning Olivia Colman playing as the new Queen of England in season three, it's safe to say that the series would be on a new level of class. Well, shows about the royal family never get old, so why not binge-watch a series that can positively exceed your expectations?

Season 3 premieres on November 17 on Netflix.

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4. Hotel Del Luna (2019)

This list wouldn't be complete without at least one enticing Korean drama! Hotel Del Luna is a series about a woman named Jang Man-Wol who unknowingly did something that turned her into the owner of an elegant hotel for ghosts. He then met the handsome Ku Chan-Seong who becomes the new general manager of the hotel, due to a deal his father made with Jang Man-Wol twenty years ago. If you're interested in having an enchanting break, this is the series you should binge-watch! 

5. Looking For Alaska (2019)

A story about Miles who transfers to a boarding school in Alabama and quickly falls in love with a mysterious girl named Alaska Young, we get why John Green's painfully beautiful book Looking For Alaska has received the recognition it deserved. That's why when Hulu announced that they're giving it a television treatment, it's safe to say that everyone was overjoyed! Following the overall aesthetic of the book while adjusting the point of view of the story, this miniseries is the YA dream!

6. Elite (2018-present)

A Spanish drama-thriller series created by Netflix, Elite follows working-class students Samuel, Nadia, and Christian at the most exclusive private school called Las Encinas. Since the reason that they can study here is because of their scholarships, they got bullied during the first few episodes of the show. However, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder. With every episode that shows you how the characters solve the mystery together, Elite proves to be not just another teen series! 

7. The Good Place (2016-present)

A fantasy-comedy series about a girl named Eleanor Shellstrop who woke up at a universe in the afterlife for good people called "The Good Place." After learning more about the place, she realized that she wasn't supposed to be there since she had done a lot of bad things when she was still alive. That's why throughout the series, we will see her changing for the better. If you're looking for a feel-good series, this is something you should watch!

It's not surprising how binge-watching has become an integral pastime for our generation. It doesn't only make you forget all of your problems, but it also doesn't require you to stay out of the comforts of your home! If you choose to spend these couple of days off to watch months' worth of episodes of these highly-praised shows, we're sure you won't regret it!

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