In Focus: Five Squad Goals We Wish We Were A Part Of

In Focus: Five Squad Goals We Wish We Were A Part Of

Let’s face it! Watching our favorite shows and movies and even in real life, we can’t help but wonder what it’s be like to be a part of them. We sometimes find ourselves imagining what our role would be in the group! A fashionista? Best friend of the group leader? The tell-it-to-me straight type of friend?

Here are the groups that scream #SquadGoals to us:

vLog squad. The vLog squad came into the picture of YouTube before YouTube became an even bigger thing. Comprised of PBB alum Will and his sister Haley Dasovich, cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao, Baninay Bautista, Jako de Leon, plus model and host Daniel Marsh. This awesome friend group takes us for a spin with their travels, antics and a lot of their realizations in life which Filipinos found so endearing. It’s no wonder they have a strong following in the Philippines!




Gimik. Gimik was the quintessential barkada of the 90s, and we always tuned in every Saturday to see what this large barkada has in store for us as they navigate what it’s like to be a teen and their growing pains in love, school, family and life itself.

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Sex and the City. Aaahh, the iconic group of Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York. This powerhouse all-female squad always had us jealous of their wardrobes and the way they’ve always supported each other through the years!

Even if the show ended in 2004 (with two movies that came after), people still find these women relatable. You’ll still hear so many ask, “Are you the Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte in the group?”

Stranger Things. We can’t deny that the spirit of the Netflix show Stranger Things is in the close-knit friendship that Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Will have. Even with the older members of the gang, Nancy, Jonathan and Steve, we’re always warped in a frenzy with their numerous (mis)adventures!

But we heard there’s a new squad you have to watch out for and they’re about to rock your world like no other! They even released a music video to make a grand entrance in all of your social media feeds!

#AlwaysG Crew. Our favorite Internet superstars and #AlwaysG crew Alex G, Mimiyuuuh, streetwear trio Perea Street, and celebrity dance crew G-Force, all came together to show us what #squadgoals is all about with a G! music video featuring the OPPO A9 2020.

The G! music video shows them rapping and strutting their stuff along the famed Perea Street in Makati with the iconic jollijeeps present. Alex Gonzaga together with Mimiyuuuh met the colorful characters that makeup Legaspi Village—the taho vendors, jollijeep kuyas and ates, security guards and traffic enforcers—that they got to meet, dance and take photos with.

The music video also showcased what it’s like to have maximum entertainment whenever and wherever using the OPPO A9 2020. Listening to music? G! Showing off a makeover with friends? G! Taking wacky photos and videos with the OPPO A9 2020? G!

All of these were made possible with the OPPO A9’s 48MP Camera and 8MP 119° Ultra Wide Angle Lens. There’s no shame in showing how proud you are to be #AlwaysG with your squad! Now that’s great company especially when you have a phone with a large capacity 5000mAh Ultra Battery proving that it’s the perfect everyday company (up to 19 hours of continuous usage).

Check out their video, sing along and dance to being #AlwaysGwithOPPOA9! Think you can be part of their squad as well?

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