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In Focus: K-Pop's Best Male Rap Lines and Why We Equally Stan Them

In Focus: K-Pop's Best Male Rap Lines and Why We Equally Stan Them


We all have our ult K-pop groups, but that doesn't mean that we can go overlook the other equally stellar acts in the industry. Without a doubt, each has certain exceptional artistry and charisma which inspire, generate buzz, break records, and set standards in their own time. And if you don't recognize them, then you're missing out a lot.

Same props should be given to their rap lines. Either they be from the first generation of idols or not, a lot of rappers deserve to get major attention for the uniquely great sound that they're putting out in the hip hop scene. We don't expect you to turn as your faves; we just suggest that you expand your musical horizons and credit real talents. At least when somebody asked your opinion, you'll be giving fair judgement.

Here, we round up the best male rap lines in  the K-pop scene!

Bigbang's G-Dragon & T.O.P

These two don't just spit words, they create harmony. You can count on them serving the most badass rapping in one track and a soft style in another. Yeah, that's the kind of duality that we all should stan.

BTS' RM, Suga & J-Hope 

Probably the most diverse out of all the rap lines we've heard, RM is known for his smooth flow and calm rapping skills, Suga for his fierce "dissing" style, and J-Hope for his colorful and most of the time dance-inducing beats. We can't wait for "Cypher Pt. 5!"

iKon's Double B

Chemistry and energy are the best things we can think of when it comes to discussing how this duo, composed of B.I and Bobby, was able to build a name in the rapping scene. They're so in sync that you'll actually believe that there's only one person in the track. Please come back to town, you two.

EXO's Sehun & Chanyeol

EXO-SC is all about versatility as they deliver rhythms that range from heavy to R&B in their group tracks. But to be honest, we ended up favoring their lax style in their sub-unit releases "What A Life" and "We Young." It also doesn't hurt that they serve visuals like no other!

Monsta X's Jooheon & I.M.

They're definitely a rap unit that can't be slept on. If you just pay attention to their speed, stage presence, catchy mix, and personalized tunes then you will believe us when we say that they deserve to be more appreciated for what they do, even when you're not a hip-hop fan.

Stray Kids' 3Racha

Consider it normal if you've been addicted to Jisung, Changbin, and Chan's sounds for who knows how long because this rap trio is literally lit. Plus, they can switch from rapping to singing like it's nothing. Who does that? Clearly, not all.

Block B's Zico, P.O, and Kyung

Block B nails intensity perfectly, and so does their rap line. We guess theirs is the only music that we can uniquely associate with words such as distraction, explosion, and law-breaking. And their melody-rap combination works well with that rough vibe!

B.A.P's Yongguk & Zelo

Though their group's currently inactive, we can't make the mistake of not mentioning the BangnZelo tandem. From the way they drop verses to finding balance between their high-tone and deep voices, their rapping abilities always know how to got us whipped all the time. 

Every K-pop rap line is unique, but if there's one thing that they all have in common, it's that they're all doing a good job in the field and considered part of the hip hip greats. No comparison, we respect and stan them all equally!

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