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Daily Diaries: What To Do When Your Crush Likes Your Friend

Daily Diaries: What To Do When Your Crush Likes Your Friend


One of the best feelings in the world is having a crush on someone. The butterflies in your stomach whenever you see them and the smile on your face that you can't wipe off whenever you think about them are simply priceless.

But what if you find out that your crush likes someone else, particularly your friend? This is not a pleasant situation to be in, but, unfortunately, it does happen to some of us. 

Although this sucks, you can survive this terribly heartbreaking moment! If your friend knows about your crush, there's a huge possibility that they won't consider exploring anything with them to save your friendship. But if you feel that things would turn to a less favorable direction, listed below are the things that you can do to not make things worse. 

1. Avoid jealousy. 

As much as possible, don't get jealous. Smile and move forward with your life, so you won't be led into self-destructive behavior. However, if you feel uncomfortable being around them, get engaged in other activities that would help you express your emotions while distracting you from the thought of them. After all, we're sure that your friend and crush don't know that this situation is affecting you the way it does. 

2. Analyze how much your crush likes your friend.

Before you jump into any conclusions, know first to what extent does your crush like your friend. It might be just a temporary thing or something that happened because he liked something she did, but doesn't have a plan on pursuing her. Remember that just because your crush is a bit attracted to your friend, it doesn't mean that there's no possibility that you'd catch their attention, too!  

3. Share your feelings with someone.

Sharing is always going to be one of the best remedies when you're experiencing heartbreak. That's why rather than keeping every pain to yourself, talk to your other friends about the situation. We're sure that what you're going through is something that they can help you with. We don't mean ranting and saying mean things about the two. Just be honest with your hurt feelings and give yourself time to reflect. There's no need to punish yourself, and go through the pain alone!  

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4. Don't compare yourself to your friend.

Just because your crush likes your friend, it doesn't mean that she's better than you. As much as possible, don't compare yourself to your friend because you two are different. Whatever your crush's reasons are to like your friend, it doesn't mean that you're not enough. You should never change who you are to be liked by someone else, because you're amazing just the way you are, and we can assure you that someone will see it, too! 

5. Let your friend and crush know your feelings.

Whether you feel sad, angry, or hurt, nothing can make this situation worse than hiding your feelings to your crush and friend. Let them know about your feelings, so if there comes a time when you choose to not talk to them in the meantime, they would know why. If she's truly your friend, she would understand and be more considerate about your feelings! We know it's hard to communicate to them about it the right way, so give yourself time to think things through before approaching them.  

6. Identify if your crush is worth it.

If ever the time comes that your emotions have gotten the best of you, and you just can't hang out with your friend anymore, think first if ruining your friendship over your crush is worth it! We're sure that your friend doesn't want to lose your friendship over some guy, that's why if she does something to make you feel better, don't you think this is enough to set aside your feelings for your crush and choose your friend? 

7. Don't sabotage them.

If you find out that your crush likes your friend, the last thing that you should ever do is getting in between them. Finding out about this isn't an easy thing to take, but remember that you can't control how people feel. You're not the one who's going to decide if they should start dating or not. The only thing that you can do is control how you react, and don't ruin how people see you just because of this incident. 

Always believe that heartaches like this have no right to take away the happiness in your life. Stand straight, chin up, and walk away from this drama. Whatever you choose to do, be strong and remember that you're going to get through this. As they say, there's plenty of fishes in the sea, so wait for your time because it's coming sooner than you think! 

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