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An Easy Guide to Being Best Dressed But Far From Stressed

An Easy Guide to Being Best Dressed But Far From Stressed

As we find ourselves in the throes of the holiday season, fashion solutions are the most consistent “want” on our Christmas list. So, in the spirit of giving, here are some 100% (stress) free tips to make the most socially active months of the year your best looking ones yet!

As the editor-in-chief of Metro, I know what it’s like to have to maximize an outfit. A breeze through the Banana Republic store gave me some surefire ammunition to get you through the parties you have lined up. Read through our Fashion Facts and see if you can relate:

SITUATION: You’ve got a jam-packed calendar that includes:
1. A meeting at the office
2. Some last minute gift shopping, and,
3. A thanksgiving dinner with your vendors at a restaurant far, far away from home

Comfort is king. If you feel great in your outfit, your confidence will be through the roof! This is especially important if you anticipate spending lots of time in motion at the mall, or sitting in traffic.


Who wants to be worried about wrinkly clothes when there are so many other things on your mind?

This no nonsense Banana Republic combination packs a punch in getting you through your crazy day. Keeping the colors vibrant ensures you won’t fade into the background in group photos, plus those versatile pieces will stay fresh from morning until night. Change from sneakers or sandals into a pair of trusty black pumps when transitioning from errands to party time.

Green sweater, P3,950; abstract pink blush button down (inside), P5,950; and skinny crop denim jeans, P4,950, all available at Banana Republic

SITUATION: Reunion time! You’re getting together with the entire clan—we’re talking up to 4th degree cousins. There’s lots of food involved, and you almost always manage to worry about your outfit. Concerns:
1. How do I look cute even after holiday eating?
2. Trying to avoid mishaps, like that time you spilled sauce all over your outfit and it ruined the evening.
3. I’m headed out with friends after this, what do I wear that’s family and night-out appropriate?

Prints are your most underrated ally! Wearing matching separates makes for a cohesive look that is almost sure to guarantee compliments—after all, only folks with true style can pull something like this off. Plus, what we love is that the prints distract from any post-buffet bulges, and sauce stains, too! Winning!


Pairing this set together may not be your first instinct, but look at how it comes to life as a high fashion outfit. Demure enough to beso your lola in, and chic enough to get you in any premiere lounge in the metro. Pair with these awesome gold heels, and top off with dangling earrings and a chunky cuff to elevate the look.

Fringe benefits gold earrings, P1,950; fringe benefits cuff P2,650; printed top, P5,450; printed skirt, P5,950; and shine bronze shoe, P8,950, all available at Banana Republic

SITUATION: You’re not exactly a girly-girl, and the thought of wearing a tight fit dress freaks you out. Tonight’s event calls for a fashion solution that ensures you feel on top of your game, but not vulnerable.

Layering can completely transform individual pieces. Mix and match aesthetics—a little bit of femininity contrasted with something more masculine makes a magical and truly individual look.

The trick here is to bring together polar opposite elements; your boyfriend’s jacket never looked so enticing! Reason is you paired it with an uber girly soft dress or top. Always make sure you cinch the waist to keep the silhouette feminine, and pair with your choice of staple black heels to tie in the utilitarian millennial party girl in you.

Military parka jacket, P8,950; soft dress, P9,950, both available at Banana Republic

For the boys

I had fun scouring the racks of the Banana Republic men’s holiday section, trying to pick things I would love to see my man in. Check out “Sarah’s Selections” for the dudes!

Fashion influences for guys seem to usually come from musicians, entrepreneurs, actors, or athletes. This outfit allows you to combine all those things—a little bit of street sense with the urban greys of the combo, the ease of the hooded jacket, and the athleticism of the jogger come together for a simple but stately outfit.

The top is structured enough to carry you through a respectable dinner, and the pants drive home how cool you really are. What’s best is that you can wear these with just about anything else in your closet, and you’ve got an entirely different look!

Mixed media jacket, P9,950; and knit pant in dark charcoal, P4,950, both available at Banana Republic

Can you tell I love the color grey? All fifty shades, as a matter of fact. *giggle*

But seriously, grey is such a smooth palette foundation. You can make it work with just about anything. In this outfit, I used the yellows in the shirt and scarf to bring out that pop of pigment, but you remain sleek and sophisticated with that dove hue in the pants and the charcoal of the jacket.

Long sleeve button down, P3,950; reversible soft blazer P12,500; light grey pants, P3,950; merino long sleeve sweater scarf, P3,950, all available at Banana Republic



Swing by any Banana Republic store (my faves are the Bonfacio High Street Central Square and Greenbelt branches) to shop my picks, and on behalf of me and my team at Metro, I hope you have a very photogenic and fashion fuss free party season ahead!







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