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In Focus: 5 AUs That Got Us Falling Deeper Into the Twitter Serye Hole

In Focus: 5 AUs That Got Us Falling Deeper Into the Twitter Serye Hole


The online world is filled with aspiring writers. That's why it's no surprise that several digital platforms have become a haven for these remarkably talented individuals to show their passion for writing. Fanfics are specifically at large on the internet which we're all guilty of devouring especially if it feels way too real. 

In the Twitterverse, SNS AUs are a huge hit. This type of stories are told through a thread of screenshots of social media posts and instant messaging apps which features celebrities as the main characters in an "alternate universe" setting. Whether it's KathNiel or DaraGon, we've all fallen into the Twitterserye hole, and there's no use in denying it.

We're sure you're in dire need of more SNS series to read right now, so here are our top five picks that you should check out!

1. Above Level

The author who started it all, Twitter user @gwyomi has already written multiple KathnNiel stories online. After writing her first viral series Along España that took over the Twitter world, Gwy trended yet again with Above Level. Her recent Twitter series is about Aaron (Daniel Padilla) who developed a crush on Astrid (Kathryn Bernardo,) the heiress of the company he's working for. After a mishap with Aaron's powerpoint presentations, the two became closer. This is definitely guilty pleasure status!

2. Teach Me Not

Originally published on Wattpad, Teach Me Not is written by Twitter user @maywardismjr. The story is about Jasper (Edward Barber), a top-of-the-class student who surprisingly received failing grades for some reason, and Marie (MayMay Entrata), a young tertiary instructor who replaced Jasper's previous professor. This series is still ongoing so don't hesitate to catch up, stat!

3. The Tweets Are Out

Another social serye that hasn't been completed yet, The Tweets Are Out is written by @carelesslane about a popular singer named Lois Magnayon (Nadine Lustre) who woke up one day and saw that her 2013 thirst tweets about heartthrob Migos Dinaro (James Reid) suddenly blew up online. If you're in the mood for a dose of JaDine, this is the social series for you!

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4. Roommates With An Idiot

Roommates With An Idiot is written by Twitter user @mondaybluesrina about Pinoy Big Brother Otso teen housemates Ashley Del Mundo and Tan Rocal. The story starts with Ashley, who moved to the Philippines from Australia because her parents separated. At the same time, she's forced to attend a new school wherein she became roommates with Tan, the most popular yet annoying guy in school. This is a kilig-serye that you'll surely won't regret reading!

5. Tilaluha 

Tilaluha is a fluff and angst Twitter series written by @daragonau, who has been posting a ton of entertaining Dara and G-DRAGON seryes on Twitter. It starts with Jiyong, the President of the College of Music in UST, needing to recruit Dara to be a part of his team. You might think it's easy since that's all he has to do, but the catch is that she's his ex-girlfriend. For the K-pop fans out there, even if you're not a fan of DaraGon, we're sure you'll love this serye since most of your favorite idols have appeared here! 

This only proves that social media has become the new platform for talented writers to experiment and be creative by writing an original piece online. This evolution allowed aspiring writers to harness their skills and reach a wider audience. As time goes by, we hope to see more well-written Twitter series that will capture our hearts and kilig bones!

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