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The Six Fix: Spine-Chilling Movies That Will Never Get Old

The Six Fix: Spine-Chilling Movies That Will Never Get Old


Looking for a way to pass time this Halloween? Why not enjoy the comforts of your home and make it a little thrilling by watching some horror movies, yes? We swear it won't give off less of a nightmarish feeling than when go out for horror night shenanigans, especially if you turn to the classics!

Believe it or not, there are films that no matter how many times you rewatch, its twist and turns will still suck you and give you the creeps. Who cares if you already have the lines memorized? They never disappoint, and that's that. Here, we list down all the horror flicks that will never get old in case you're up for a marathon!

Feng Shui

Starring the Philippine box office horror queen Kris Aquino, this 2004 film taught us never to look at those "cursed" bagua mirrors ever or else, this will be the last time you'll hear of us. Plus, the thought of Lotus Feet at the foot of our stairs? We can't breathe.


What's your favorite scary movie? If you're answer is not this slasher production from way back 1996, then we're afraid that you've got the wrong answer. It's that timeless story that introduced us to the threat of serial killing and that widely used Ghostface mask. This and its three sequels never fail to make us scream.

Shake, Rattle & Roll 8: LRT

This could be one of the best episodes that the local horror anthology ever made. With the plot centered at the Metro rail transportation, this 2006 installment definitely inflicted fear to commuters including us. We can't even remember how we managed to ride LRT again.

Exorcism of Emily Rose

A lot of movies take risk on tackling agnosticism, exorcism, and casting out the evil spirits, but nothing compares to the terror that dwells within us when this came out in 2005. And it's just as believable as it was back then mainly because it was based on a true story. 


We have to admit, this Japanese movie has changed the way we open our television forever. It may be a usual story about a vengeful soul named Sadako, but the chill it brought wasn't. Here's what we've decided: we'll never watch it again alone.


It may be three-decade old but never too old to shock the hell out of us. It obviously stood out among suspense movies on supernatural creatures based on Philippine mythology. Anak ni Janice is definitely an edge-of-your-seat flick done right that it even got rebooted in 2014.

No matter how many horror movies you watch, nothing is quite as satisfying than the classics on this list. So, go the no-brainer route, and snuggle up because you'll definitely get the chills with these flicks! Happy Halloween, witches!

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