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In Focus: Friendship Lessons We Learned From PBB Otso's Franki & Diana

In Focus: Friendship Lessons We Learned From PBB Otso's Franki & Diana


Something good can always come out of unexpected friendships, and we couldn't think of better people to attest to that than Franki Russell and Diana Mackey. We mean, who could've thought that the two models, both half-Pinay and half-Kiwis (natives of New Zealand) would join Pinoy Big Brother and grew to be the closest sisters on television? No one can really ever tell who we'd meet along the way, huh?

Others will ask how they became friends when they have nothing in common but little did we know, the bond they have goes deeper than sharing the same interests, hobbies, and styles. And if you're looking to build the best friendship, then we have a lot to learn from these two. Here are some of Frankiana's friendship lessons that you can start living by:

History is out of the question.

It's true what they say about friendship not being about who you've known the longest. Franki and Diana only met in November last year when the PBB house reopened, and look where that short time took them? To now and forever of creating memories, we guess?

Loyalty matters.

Although neither of them made it to the Big Night, the two did take each other's side on tasks, fought and cheered together along the way, proving their equal rights to win. Even if it means partaking in the battle of the other, loyal friends know no boundaries.

Friendship means unconditional support.

There was a lot of times when Diana helped Franki complete her missions, and it might seem that the latter isn't putting much into their friendship. But that's what they made us realize: it's not always a case of "give and take." As a true mate, you voluntary do things out of love without expecting anything in return.

Friends complete each other.

You know what our favorite part of walking into someone's life is? It's the thought of possibly bringing out the best in them. Just like Franki when she pushed Diana to be more confident and outspoken, and like Diana when she made Franki realized what she's actually capable of (including improving her Tagalog!) Aren't they #goals?

It takes acceptance for it to last.

When you can overcome differences and accept someone for who and what they really are, that right there is what you can count as friendship for keeps. With Franki embracing Diana's sexual identity and Diana recognizing Franki's uniqueness, we can therefore pronounce that their friendship will definitely stand the test of time.

For the record, we're not saying that you should just look out for the unexpected friendship you made. Long-time or new, every kind of tie is worth keeping. Frankiana is just a little reminder of what it really takes to do that. Here's hoping it helps you as much as it helped them!

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