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In Focus: 5 Times Sue Ramirez Made Us Love Her "No Filter" Personality

In Focus: 5 Times Sue Ramirez Made Us Love Her


Being in the showbiz industry, most celebrities tend to be careful on cam when it comes to showing off their personalities. That's why it's refreshing to see celebrities who flaunt their real selves no matter who's watching. One of these inspiring souls is Sue Ramirez whom we saw grow up to become an outstanding actress, but what caught our attention is her no-filter personality that never faltered even if she has been judged numerous times. 

Some would say that she's shameless, and she shouldn't be like that because she's a public figure. But for most of us, her unfiltered personality is the reason why we love her so much! From the time when she told people to stop objectifying her body to when she defended BLACKPINK's Jennie, listed down below are the moments when Sue made us feel that it's okay to be our most fearless selves! 

1. When she gave her two cents about the people sexualizing her 

It was just this week when she was asked by someone from the press to give her comments about the people sexualizing her. She shared that she doesn't want people to sexualize her body and hope that people can stop because she doesn't do that to herself. She might post sexy photos on her Instagram, but it doesn't mean that she wants to be objectified. The fact that she's putting it out means she's comfortable with her body and wants people to get used to seeing someone wearing a bikini and not think anything disturbing about it. 

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2. When she played the 'Totropahin or Jojowain' challenge with Kristel Fulgar

After the ABS-CBN Ball 2019, Sue went back to her room with her best friend Kristel Fulgar and filmed a video for her YouTube channel called the "Totropahin o Jojowain Challenge" where they would choose who among male celebrities like Donny Pangilinan and Marlo Mortel would they date or prefer to be a friend. Seriously, she can't get any more relatable to us than this!

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3. When she defended BLACKPINK's Jennie

If you're a K-pop fan, you would know that BLACKPINK held a concert in the Philippines this year. Of course, as a proud member of the BLINK fandom, Sue attended the concert, even if she already went to their concert in Seoul! During Kristel's BLACKPINK concert vlog, Sue shared her thoughts about the people who were criticizing Jennie because of her lazy dancing. She understands Jennie's situation since she's a celebrity and knows what it feels like to perform when you're not okay. It's because of this statement that the BLINK fandom appreciated her more! 

4. When she shared how much she doesn't enjoy wearing bras

Most of us grew up being told that girls should wear bras, but Sue has another say about this matter! She believes that if she's not comfortable with something, she won't do it, and that includes her choice to not wear a bra. Honestly, every girl knows this struggle so we're glad that Sue represents the non-judging no bra club!

5. When she admitted in an interview that she's not perfect

Sue shared her reaction to people's assumptions about her in an interview to promote her 2019 rom-com film Cuddle Weather. In this video, there was a comment that she looks like someone who has an attitude problem. Instead of denying it, Sue admitted that she's not perfect, and she has bad traits, too! Although there are times that she's in a bad mood, it's just because she's going through something.

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Most of us are so concerned with what others think of us that we start disguising features of our personality to be "appreciated" by other people. But Sue knows that if she worries about what others think of her⁠, she won't be happy. She's not afraid to show her most authentic self, which inspires a lot of people to be who they are, no matter what other people expect you to be! 

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