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Giving the Gift of Words this Season

Giving the Gift of Words this Season

Words do get thrown out all the time—in random conversations, well-thought-out interactions, and plain communication. But this holiday season, how would it be different when words become gifts you give to other people?

Don’t get us wrong, we love the bazaars, midnight sales, good bargains, and the excitement that comes in unboxing presents. But giving and receiving the gift of words is often overlooked or at the very least, underrated. Here are some things you can revisit to motivate and get you started:


Words come in pretty packages, too

If you’re one who gets easily excited picking out gift wrappers, boxes, and ribbons, then you’re most likely to enjoy picking out cards and stationery paper, too. You can even customize and have your own design or initials printed on the paper for a more personalized feel. You can also go crazy choosing which color and what type of pen to use. Gel or glitter? We say, experiment and get creative.


Words are always handy

Unlike the tangible gifts that need listing and searching the malls for, words, on the other hand, come handy. They’ve always been with us, left unsaid, left unexpressed. So if you have to search, search it within you. What is it that you’ve always wanted to say to this person? Thinking about what you’ve always needed to hear and wished somebody even just one person told you, is a pretty good start.


Words don’t expire

You know what they say about words, that once spoken, you can never take them back? Needless to say, words have power—to comfort or to hurt, to heal or to injure. Choose your words wisely because they don’t expire. They can be forgotten at times, but believe that the effect they have, last. There’s actually no universal rule to do this but just that, be sincere and mean no harm.


While it’s nice to give and receive presents that are too cute to resist, it doesn’t hurt to consider generously giving the gift of words—those that do wonders for one’s mind, heart, and soul. Sure, people may want new shoes or gadgets but nobody passes up on a sincere message of kindness, encouragement, and love, after all.





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