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In Focus: 5 Songs From Selena Gomez That Truly Empowered Us

In Focus: 5 Songs From Selena Gomez That Truly Empowered Us


We're all for taking much-needed breaks especially when we're looking after our well-being. But we can't deny that when artists are on hiatus, we can't help but long for fresh music, and Selena Gomez is no exception. It has been a total of four years since she released her album "Wolves," and since then, we have been feeling deprived. 

Selena's voice is certainly something that makes us feel so many emotions even by just listening to it once. Plus, the lyrics of her songs always put us in a place where we can be empoweringly vulnerable. Her latest release "Lose You To Love Me" just gave us a tidal wave of emotions, and we ain't even ashamed of it. And we're proud of Selena for being able to wear her heart on her sleeve like never before!

Here, we list down her top songs that tugged at our heartstrings and made us rise above our struggles.

1. "Lose You To Love Me"

Selena just released "Lose You to Love Me," and it's safe to say that our queen is definitely back! The moment you hear the first line "In two months, you replaced us like it was easy and made me think I deserved it," you'll immediately know that it's about her most heart-wrenching breakup which makes the song even more shattering. But what we love about this song the most is how she conveyed that she's already healed. That's why if you're with someone who doesn't help in your emotional growth, do yourself a favor and let go.

2. "Who Says"

A song about how we should accept ourselves for who we are, Selena's "Who Says" certainly topped the charts because of its message. With her sweet vocals and catchy tune, she delivered a powerful message for her teenage fans out there about accepting their flaws and knowing that they can be whoever they want to be. Honestly, up to this day, we still listen to this song when we need some confidence boost! 

3. "Back To You"

An emotional dance-pop song with acoustic elements, "Back To You" embodies the feeling of getting back with someone over and over again, even if they've hurt you numerous times already. When she said, "You could break my heart in two, but when it heals, it beats for you," we really felt that. It's no surprise that this song instantly became the talk of the town because we all need a post-breakup song like this that we could relate to!

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4. "The Heart Wants What It Wants"

A heavy-pop ballad about a girl who's deeply entangled in a toxic relationship with someone who fills her heart and breaks it, "The Heart Wants What It Wants" is a controversial song that shared how self-destructive she is when it comes to her love life. The lyrics don't give a happy ending, which we believe is the reason why we're magnetically drawn to it. It's so empowering because of how strong she portrayed her emotions which makes you feel that you're not the only person who lets her heart choose, even if there's a possibility that it's going to be painful. 

5. "Kill 'Em With Kindness"

"Kill 'Em With Kindness" is a piece of EDM-electro music that Selena wrote to give a crucial message to her fans. Written by her when she was body-shamed by thousand of media outlets, Selena expressed her golden rule when it comes to facing negativity. If there's someone who's trying to put you down, just apply what Miss Gomez has taught you through this track, and you'll surely slay them in no time.

What makes Selena's songs so powerful is how they perfectly sum up our everyday struggles and heartbreaks. She knows what we're going through because she's experiencing it, too! Instead of pretending that her life is perfect, she chose to write songs that make the listeners feel like they're not alone. Kudos to Selena for letting herself be vulnerable to the world. If there's any song we missed, let us know in the comments down below! 

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