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In Focus: Real-Life "Horror Stories" We Can Relate To Even When It's Not Halloween

In Focus: Real-Life


Halloween is just around the corner, and it usually means that things are about to get spooky. But we're not gonna lie, spooky things don't only happen this season. They come along everyday and basically to everyone. Because, truth be told, life in general is hella scary.

The thing is, real-life horror stories aren't about ghosts or supernatural creatures that we can run away from by switching on the lights or going under our blankets. We have no choice but to deal with them and face them head on, not unless you intend to keep them with you forever and not move on with your life. We've listed some of these terrors and see how brave can you get!

1. Failing grades

The older you get, the scarier that line of 7s in your card becomes. It may seem manageable for you, thinking you could still make up for it the next quarter; but goodluck using that excuse to your mom!

2. No Wi-Fi

If there's anything in our life right now that we can't take for granted, it's the internet connection. It holds the future of our homeworks, reports, Twitter updates, Netflix, and more. Admit it, you wouldn't exactly survive your day without it.

3. Zero balance

Do you ever experience running out of money when it's only the middle of the week? Lucky for you if  your parents won't mind giving you extra allowance. But for us who have to face the horrors of our lack of budgeting skills, we just got to soldier on and live on siomai rice for the rest of the week!

4. Traffic

Uhm, excuse us, but that "leave early, you'll get to your destinaiton on time" motto don't usually go as planned. The scariest thing that will ever happen is when you've got a morning class, and you've run out of tardy cards already. Failure due to absences, anyone?

5. Bills

If you already got bills to pay such as dorm rent or your phone line, then it's such a huge hassle when the end of the month comes and your budget is running low. You know that due date is due date, and excuse letters are not acceptable. Mom, halp?

6. Alarm

We're still working on that terrifying sound of our alarm when it goes off in the morning. Waking up means the end to our calm, and just because we abide by it doesn't mean we're okay with it. It's just what's expected of us.

7. Unexpected phone calls

Text us, DM us, e-mail us, just please don't call us. Don't take it the wrong way. We don't hate you. It's just the idea of picking up the phone that's making us majorly anxious. What if we say the wrong thing or the person at the other end of the line has the worst news? We can't even!

Just thinking about these matters is already giving us goosebumps. But Halloween or not, we all have to go through them, so we need to be composed and ready when the times comes. You, what's your real-life horror story? 

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