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In Focus: How to Observe Fan Etiquette on Social Media

In Focus: How to Observe Fan Etiquette on Social Media


The online world is an excellent place to find people who have the same interests as you which leads you to belonging in certain "fandoms." Whether it's a series you've been obsessed about or a K-pop group you've dedicated each of your waking hours to, sharing your love for these things and being able to interact with like-minded individuals on the internet can be all sorts of enriching.

But let's admit it: when we're fangirling on our social media accounts, things can get out of hand especially when we get too passionate for our faves. I do admit that I'm sometimes like this, too. But as someone who has a fan account for so long, I've learned how important it is to practice fan etiquette on the internet. And to help you keep the peace in the world wide web, here are a few tips that you should follow as a responsible fan:

1. Don't spread lies.

Pretending online especially when your fandom friends don't know you in person is easy. But even if it's a no-brainer, it's still a wrong thing to do! Just imagine if your idol finds out about the lies you're spreading, do you think they would appreciate it? Nope. As someone who has a fan account, I've observed that idols never liked being criticized or talked about for something that isn't true, even if it's a lie that could make them look more successful. 

2. Be mindful of the things you say. 

It's okay to compliment them or tell them how much you love them, but it's a whole different story when you start saying inappropriate things to them online! I've witnessed in my fan account on Twitter how some fans become shameless and tweet inappropriate comments about their idols. No matter how hard you love them, don't forget the meaning of respect.

3. Educate new fans.

You're a part of a community with a common source of inspiration, so treat each other like a family. Just because you're one of the first few fans of this celebrity, it doesn't mean that you can boss the new fans around and act like you're above them. If you know more things about your idol than the other fans, then educate them. I'm sure they'll admire you more if you help them get to know your idol than rub how little they know in their faces which will possibly scare them away from the fandom. 

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4. Don't bully other artists.

As much as it's important to be loving to your idol and other members of your fandom, it's also important to be nice to other artists and fandoms, too. You don't have to love them as much as you love your favorite, but at least be respectful and helpful online. If you don't have anything nice to say or do, then keep mum and just focus on your faves. You don't want other people saying bad stuff about your idol, so we're sure that they want the same thing, too! 

5. You can't control what they do online.

Be understanding of your favorite celebrity, even if they post or don't things online that you don't agree with. Just like you, they have their own lives, too! I'm sure most of the things that they do in their careers are already controlled by their agencies, so when it comes to their real-life stuff like their social media accounts, just let them be. 

If you follow these unwritten rules, you will find yourself enjoying your fangirl life more because we all know that the best thing about being a fan is having a community you can trust and bond with when real life, well, sucks. Practicing fan etiquette makes the experience all the more fun, healthy, and beneficial for everyone involved including your idols!

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