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#ChalkAsks: How Do You Reward Yourself After A Rough Week?

#ChalkAsks: How Do You Reward Yourself After A Rough Week?


Treating yourself? There's a lot to consider here—time, budget, mood, others' opinions occasionally, and even your eligibility for it. Here is what we can confidently tell you: Stop overthinking about those things and just do it. Own up to your burning desire to eat all you want, enjoy a spa day, or hibernate in your room, because it's what you deserve. No excuses.

You spent long hard days at school or work, putting up with the crazy amount of stuff that you got to accomplish. Not to mention: the extra elements that make your life harder than it is such as the infuriating traffic or your pesky professor. You've been burnout, we get it.

Now, you finally see the good end of it and the last thing you need is a simple pat on the back. Encouraging yes, but you can do better than that. With that being said, we asked a few people around how they reward themselves after a rough peak which you can take practical ideas from! 

"Usually binabawi ko lang sa tulog. Kain ng masasarap, ganun. Of magfafile ako ng leave kahit 2 days lang. Para mabawi ko yung pagod." -Laine, 24

Passing grade and promotion sound nice, but it's not as important as getting a quality rest. It's fundamental to staying healthy, positive, and productive. Make up for your lost sleep if you can help it. You'll see, you'll perform much better tomorrow.

"Madalas idinadaan na lang sa pagkain. Kahit mga simpleng pagkain lang like lomi, or di kaya mga fishball. Feel ko dun nababawasan ang stress ko." -Topher, 23

Food is life they said. That much is true. Call us melodramatic all you want, but food really offers us relief, comfort, hope, and new energy—things we can't find elsewhere. Excuse us while we grab for some comfort munchies!

"I'll give myself a hobby (like basketball) I can cling to, or whatever that will keep my brain occupied." -Carlo, 22

Enough wasting another second of your life thinking about what you believe you should have done during that rough week. It's over. Move on. What matters is you get past through it alive. Now, try to divert your attention to something that'll give you good entertainment and even personal growth!

"Well, kung weekday na konti hours para sa liwaliw, ligo agad-agad para instant comfy. Tapos food! I try to make art or do something creative para mapractice ko pa rin at malayo sa gadgets since sawang-sawa na mata ko. Kung 'di naman ako inspired, YouTube or nood ng series or movie. Kung weekends naman, sinusulit tulog. Hopefully may mameet na friends. Kung wala, it's either date ko sarili ko or magbe-bake kami ng parents." -Gia, 23

You finally have the time for yourself, and we bet that there are things that you missed doing while kicking butts during the weekdays. Well, it's time to take this opportunity to reconnect with your long-kept passion while the spark's still there. Make sure to also spend quality time with your favorite people!

"Yung totoo? BTS! Nanonood ako ng BTS, yung nakakatawang videos nila. Tapos nakikipagsocialize ako sa ARMYs. Most of the time, nakikinig ako ng music nila." -Marl, 23

Never underestimate the power of fangirling. We've said it before, it isn't all about stanning their looks. Through their music or reality shows, there's that kind of inexplicable connection between idols and fans that brings warmth and happiness. We're proud to say that it's the best stress reliever ever!

"Sleep and read, usually. Minsan kain, minsan lalabas with friends, maglalabas lang ng sama ng loob sa friends, fam, then oks na." -Pat, 24

Getting back to reading can help ease your mind (and shoulders) and takes your thoughts to a peaceful place other than your stressful past week. Or better yet, beat that by having a relaxing conversation with your loved ones.

"Travel alone, drive alone. Quality time lang mag-isa to unwind and have peace of mind." -Charles, 23

You've been through a lot, so what's wrong with spending some time for you and yourself only? Take some time when you don't have to mind deadlines, orders, e-mails, outside interactions? Respect the importance of solitude. For that reason, we'll leave you alone.

"I usually end a rough week by eating out (even if I'm on a strict diet) and by going to the cinema afterwards to watch the latest movie. But there are times when I need to save up some money, so I just stay at home instead and watch the newest films or shows on Netflix." -Lance, 25

Consider this your cheat week. If that's all that it will take to pull you up, then who are we to judge? You might want to return to your computer desk at home not to work rather to catch up on the latest movie releases for some much needed R&R!

"I C E D C O F F E E." -Nica, 24

Cold or hot, coffee is a mode of stress-relieving at its finest. Pro tip for most people: we need coffee to feel okay. So should you get one today? Yes.

It can seem like it's hard to do, but it's better than entering another stressful week without even getting your energy back first. If you can have time to sit for your homeworks or project proposals overnight, you can have time to take a break, too. Make it a practice to value yourself even in the most simple ways, okay? Noted.

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