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In Focus: 7 Signs That You're Being That Internet Bully

In Focus: 7 Signs That You're Being That Internet Bully


The internet is becoming more problematic day by day. It's like people just can't stop being mean, can they? Spreading hate on celebrities, throwing shades at public personalities, making fun of strangers—imagine how tired we are of trying to make the online world a kinder place.

It's understandable that some find the platform their avenue to de-stress and put out their bottled emotions, feeling like it's the only place where theire opinions will get heard. But if that involves targeting other people in a toxic way, then maybe you should consider doing more things other than spending so much time on the internet.

Y'all are so wrong for thinking seeking revenge online is okay. It just makes you a bully, too, plain and simple. Are you? Take a reality check and see if you're doing the following:


Joke or not, baselessly calling people awful names on the internet is unacceptable. FYI, it doesn't make you witty. It makes you childish.


When people come to terms with an issue, they always think that they can get away with bringing up names that weren't really part of the said narrative. But they won't, just the same as it won't fix anything.

Liking and sharing neagtive posts

Silently laughing behind your social media accounts to a post that's obviously a form of bullying isn't gonna you look better rather a weak accomplice.

Cancel culture

We all make mistakes. If you think shutting a person down for doing wrong can set things straight, think again. You know what you need to cancel? That culture.

Spreading fake news

It's safe to say that this is what majority of online users do on the internet. Little do they know that every false sentence that they post ruin one's life and reputation. When will we ever learn, seriously?

Editing photos

Every time you grab a photo of someone and turn them into a laughing stock or those so-called memes, a part of you becomes a bully, most especially if you do it without the subject's consent. 

Starting wars

A single click can have that power to control how people will act and think. So if you use it with a goal of calling allies and starting fights, then expect it to add fuel to the drama. And expect it to not help at all.

Maybe looks couldn't kill but, remember, words definitely can. If you have nothing good to say, it's better to just keep mum rather than hurting other people who can be potentially be scarred for life. Let's make the internet a kinder space, shall we?

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