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In Focus: These Adorable Moments Between Maureen Wroblewitz & JK Labajo Give Us Life

In Focus: These Adorable Moments Between Maureen Wroblewitz & JK Labajo Give Us Life


They aren't the type to post photos together on social media, but trust us when we say that Maureen Wroblewitz and JK Labajo don't need any of that to rise to the top of your favorite couples list. Yep, that's how much we're liking what we're seeing.

Their relationship has such a super relatable kilig factor, that much we can tell with their online interactions. But if we're being honest, when Maureen starred in the music video of "Buwan"—the big hit debut single of JK's band—the thought of them dating never came to our minds. But our attention's all on them now! Here, let us fill you in with their most adorable moments to date:

1. JK takes her IG boyfie duty seriously. You can count any photos that look extra #aesthetic on Mau's feed as proof of that. And they're not hard to spot because the singer's always tagged on it to make sure he's given due credits.

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2. The pair isn't shy to give each other the classic "I miss you" shoutouts on social media. And who isn't a sucker for sweet talks like that, huh?


3. In case you missed it, JK also goes to dinner with Mau's family and they sure do adore him. Is there anything better than having the approval of your girl's parents? None. Easy question.

4. We all followed along when Maureen sang "Buwan" and swooned when she said it's her favorite song. Yep, that's how soft we are, and we're not any bit embarrassed.

5. JK is on ketogenic diet, and Maureen has his back on this lifestyle. In fact, she even cooked a keto-friendly meal for him! Where else can you find a girlfriend that's as thoughtful as that?

6. Try all you want to steal Maureen's man from him or better yet just give up because it's never gonna happen. Ever. JK won't leave her, and no one can counter that!

7. It wouldn't be complete relationship #goals without Mau and JK being concert buddies. We love it that they made it through The 1975 Manila concert!

8. Okay, Shawn Mendes is cute, but JK acting all jelly on Mau's fangirl post is even cuter. You can't change our mind!

9. It isn't easy to forget your childhood crush but maybe taking him down from your bio will do. Maureen managed to do it knowing exactly who she belongs to. Nice one, JK.

These two have truly won us over, and we don't even want to think of the day that they'll stop. We're crossing our fingers that things continue to shape up good for them because if not, well, best believe we won't allow it. Protect this couple at all costs!

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