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The Six Fix: Sweet Ways to Surprise Your Special Someone

 The Six Fix: Sweet Ways to Surprise Your Special Someone

Congratulations, you have a jowaIngatan mo lang, baka mauntog. Joking aside, as a loving boyfriend or girlfriend, you want your jowa to feel as loved as possible. And that doesn’t always mean a barrage of grand gestures. Sometimes, it’s the small-but-sweet things that make all the difference. Here are some of the simple gestures that you could do for your special someone that will send the message “I love you!”

Cook for your significant other. You don’t have to binge-watch Chef’s Table on Netflix just to get this right because you already have the most important ingredient—love! Just follow the recipe of your SO’s favorite dish to the best of your ability. Remember, no matter the result, it’s the thought that counts!

Write little notes. Leaving short and sweet messages via post-its on the desk, table, fridge, or wherever else your special someone frequents is like hanging a huge banner that spells “I LOVE YOU!” Doing this only takes a few seconds and will undoubtedly brighten the rest of your jowa’s day.

Go old school and pen a letter. You can take it up a notch by writing not just a note, but an entire letter. In the internet age, it’s no longer common to give handwritten letters to your loved one (which makes the gesture extra special). That said, it’s refreshing to receive a tangible profession of love!

Create a couple playlist. Come up with an Apple Music or Spotify playlist of your favorite tunes as a couple! This can include the songs that are meaningful to both of you and have been part of your relationship (like the song that played in the background on your first date). Even if you’re not at each other’s side, listening to the same playlist will make you feel like you’re together!

Compose a song. If a playlist is too easy for you, you may want to go all out and come up with your very own tune! Even if it’s just a short and silly love song, your jowa would surely fall for you all over again.

Celebrate your special someone’s triumphs. Whether it’s a promotion or a great presentation at school or at work, celebrate their wins. And what sweeter way to celebrate these than with a Goldilocks greeting cake! You can write a wide variety of messages on the cake that your jowa would definitely appreciate.

And if you want a digital preview of your greeting cake, say it with a cake using the Goldilocks Celebration Filter on the Facebook App on your mobile phone by clicking here!

If he/she loves you so much, then your jowa deserves only the best. With these sweet-yet-simple gestures, it won’t take much to show just how much you love them.

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