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Cheat Sheet: These Girls Let Us In On How You Can Earn From Livestreaming At Home!

Cheat Sheet: These Girls Let Us In On How You Can Earn From Livestreaming At Home!


You wouldn’t be able to find the definition of “modern Pinay” in any of the scholarly dictionaries out there because of the simple fact that no one has yet to put down the exact words that can define her. Today, the Filipina woman bears many shades in various aspects (which even the hit ‘Dalagang Pilipina’ can’t quite encapsulate), but there are some fitting adjectives that we can come up with that would at least narrow down who she really is—beautiful, independent, and strong are just a few. But if Merriam-Webster ever came up with a definition for “modern Pinay”, we’re quite sure its photos will show three of our favorite KUMU livestreamers and May Tama Ka! Hosts MEGZ V, jiejiethetraveler, and mami-redj.

It all starts with a dream.

There’s no denying that these girls rose from obscurity to being among the top featured live streamers on KUMU and all it took were a dream, a front facing camera, and a download button for the app. “Even though I really didn’t know what to do and had no idea what to expect, little by little I found myself live-streaming on KUMU more and more,” shared MEGZ V who now has over 35,000 followers on the app after joining in January last year. For her, the most essential factor that helps a livestreamer successful on KUMU is the ability to inspire other people. “As an aspiring Influencer I also love to share my healthy living journey with my viewers that’s why I decided to have a show called “Healthy Living With MEGZV “ where I share my smoothie recipes, grocery hauls, and tips on how to start a healthier lifestyle,” she says.

Another “modern Pinay” who discovered KUMU to follow her pursuit for better breaks and prospects is mami_redj.“ People should use the app because the opportunities it offers are endless,” she encourages. “Because of the wholesome nature that the KUMUnity is building, people feel good about themselves and they never feel alone,” she adds. And we agree. Since KUMU emerged online, more Pinoy netizens have taken to the mobile app to connect with more Filipino content creators from around the globe and enjoy a wide range of features, campaigns, and game shows. Just this August, KUMU marked over 1 million downloads and continues to be the fastest-growing Philippine social media app in the country.

“I noticed a lot of OFW’s from all over the world was downloading and watching streams on KUMU. When I ask them why they stayed on the app, they said that they meet good people to talk to on KUMU and that makes them happy,” shares another livestreamer jiejiethetraveler. “More than all the trivia prizes, it’s all about the experience and the happiness you get while using the app,” she adds.        

Winner Ka!

Yes. KUMU users can definitely be considered as winners just as how these female livestreamers found out themselves when they started livestreaming via the app. MEGZ V started as the host to her own game show “Guess The Picture” where users can win some mobile load or earn extra rice (extra life for games). Soon after, she was tagged to host KUMU primetime game shows May Tama Ka!, The Lyric Show and some of its mall shows.

For mami-redj who now has nearly 40,000 followers on the app, a road trip gave her the chance to livestream for the first time. “I realized I was live for almost three hours talking to random people and I was enjoying every bit of it!” she related. The life and love, beauty and makeup livestreamer went on to win the app’s Race to Face April 2019 campaign with a throng of her followers showing their immense support through enormous amounts of virtual gifts. “I couldn't stop my tears as event gifts were given to me in numerous amounts! I was supported by almost, if not all, in the KUMUnity and all I could say was "thank you, thank you so much!" over and over again, while crying,” she shares.

However, the real win for these Filipina women are the genuine respect and friendship that they get from their fellow KUMU users. KUMU discourages the use of profanity or any offensive remarks during livestreams and imposes stiff penalties for violators. What most users also enjoy while on the app are the content created by these creative women who go regularly online. “People can expect to laugh and forget all their worries while on my stream. They can also learn tips and guides about travel, lovelife and life which are purely based on my own experience,” according to jiejiethetraveler who has amassed over 38,000 KUMU followers.  

Oye KUMU Va!

For readers who are young enough to know this great Santana hit, the original title “Oye Como Va” translates to “Hey, how’s it going”, which is close enough to KUMU’s true etymology which is simply derived from the word “kumusta”. “KUMU gives you a sense of belonging,” claimed mami-redj when asked why people should go on live on KUMU. “People are usually drawn to my live stream because of my soft voice and willingness to listen. They tend to feel relaxed and accepted,” she adds.

With various KUMUnities talking about various topics and content that concern Pinoys all over the world, modern Pinays like mami-redj, jiejiethetraveler, and MEGZ V likewise have a vibrant and thriving place on the app. “You can use KUMU as a platform to share your talents, journeys, and stories. Hopefully, you can also be an inspiration to others,” says MEGZ V. “You can earn real friends on the app and have authentic connections,” she adds.  

With the current tech landscape in the Philippines where startups and digital nomads are emerging all over the country, KUMU is a good platform for modern Pinays who want to be heard and given the breaks they deserve. “Because of my opportunities on KUMU, I was able to experience being glammed up and styled by professionals for the first time,” jiejiethetraveler fondly recalls. “One of the most memorable moment I had on KUMU was when I got the Top 2 spot in the campaign and was featured in the Cosmopolitan magazine. I climb up from Top 34 to Top 2 in a span of a few days,” she adds. 

Perhaps no one can truly define “modern Pinay” just yet. But these three KUMU ladies definitely personify her true image—passionate, courageous and all.

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