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In Focus: Fan Etiquette When Meeting Your Idols

In Focus: Fan Etiquette When Meeting Your Idols


There had been numerous times when we heard idols being mobbed by fans wherever they go, and it doesn't always end in a good way. Since they're either being pushed or elbowed, their security has become stricter than ever. It's okay to get excited since it might be the only chance you ever get, so you can't blow it!

But whether it's at a fan meeting event or a surprise encounter at the airport, you always have to be sensitive and responsible when you're in front of them. From maintaining proper body language to following the proper photo rules, it would make for a nicer experience for both of you. You might even end up having a nice conversation with your favorite celebrity! 

1. Be respectful of their personal space. 

You might be tempted to grab or touch your idol because you're so excited, but don't do this. If you're at a fan meeting event and there's a table in front of the celebrity, stay on your side of the table. Even if there's no table, always stand at a respectable distance from them. Avoid standing too close to your idol because this will show them that you can respect their personal space!

2. If you want to take a picture with them, ask permission.

We're sure you want to take pictures when you meet celebrities—it's okay to do so, as long as it's allowed. If there's a sign that clearly states no photography is allowed, don't ask or try to sneak a selfie! Don't look at this as a means that they don't like you, some celebrities are more interested in having a conversation with their fans rather than taking a picture together. If it's a candid encounter, ask for your idol's permission first just to show your respect.

3. Speak calmly.

You don't want your first meeting with your idol to turn into a disaster because you weren't able to tell them everything that you wanted to say, right? Once they're right in front of you, try your best to stay calm while talking to them. You can start by greeting them with a handshake, hello, or wave. After this, introduce yourself and share the story of how you became a fan. It's okay to burst into tears because of happiness because who can help it? If you think your nerves will get the best of you, practice by talking to a friend, in front of a mirror, or even just in your head.

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4. Check their body language.

Some celebrities usually tell their fans if they want to be left alone. If they don't, you would see it if they're uncomfortable by checking their body language while they're around you. When you meet them, check if you'll get a smile back, eye contact, and if they ask for your name. If they don't, these are all signs that it's best to leave them alone. Don't feel bad because when this happens, it's just because the celebrity didn't have a great day or they're not in the mood to talk, and that's not your fault!

5. Remember they're still human.

Even if they had a huge impact on your life, remember that they're also human like you. They wake up, hang out with friends, and feel emotions just like everyone else. We don't blame you if you've set high expectations about them, but it's better to keep in mind that it's not going to be a magical encounter where your whole life becomes instantly perfect. Whatever happens, be friendly and appreciate this moment while it lasts.

We get that meeting your idol can be overwhelming, but it's still important to handle it correctly, so you won't go home regretting the way you behaved in front of them. Don't worry, the moment you become lucky enough to meet your favorite celebrities, as long as you keep these manners in mind—it's surely going to be one of the most memorable moments of your fangirl life! 

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