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Cheat Sheet: 5 Reviewing Hacks To Survive Your Exam Week

Cheat Sheet: 5 Reviewing Hacks To Survive Your Exam Week


By Angeline Cheng

'Tis the season of dread for all students: Examination period. As it practically greets you "ciao" while heaps and loads of projects and requirements are piling up, worry and anxiety may already be prevailing in your mind. But don’t fret because we’re here to help.

To save yourself a lot of precious time and survive that very taxing examination week, here are some reviewing tactics that you can use to maximize your learning sessions’ effectiveness:

1.) Let the right music be your BFF.

Of course, it's not enough that you listen to music alone, because you have to listen to the right one. Whether it's YouTube or Spotify, these apps have some real gems that you can utilize and abuse especially in this busy and hectic exams season. Numerous music playlists are especially curated for studying purposes, so go ahead and give it a try!

2. Reward yourself.

Rewards don’t need to only come from other people, because you can also give some good ol’ treats to yourself! Nothing gives you more dedication and a boost of push than knowing that you are waiting for something that you are really fond of. Give yourself a reward system wherein when you finish a certain amount of work or reviewing for a certain subject, you make sure to treat yourself. In this way, you will be motivated to push yourself even harder because you know that something pleasurable is waiting for you in exchange of your hard work.

3. Take quick breaks every now and then.

As much as you want to finish reviewing as early as possible, studying for long periods of time will actually be counterproductive, especially if you are physically and mentally tired already. Take note that when you are exhausted, you are actually just wasting time ingesting information because chances are, it won’t be retained in your mind anyway.

Instead of pushing yourself to your limit, find some time to take quick breaks. A good 30-minute breather will do. Watching a quick episode of your favorite cartoon, munching on some snacks, and all those little things that can relax you will also be helpful enough to refresh your fatigued brain.

4. Use or invent acronyms that can be easily remembered.

This is very effective, especially for information that are enumerated. For bulleted things that you have to memorize, try crafting an acronym using the first letters of each item. It aids you to better preserve the things that you need to memorize so you can kiss that "tip of the tongue" experience goodbye!

5. Skim and scan your notes days prior to your examination.

This may sound tedious and over the top, but believe us when we say that it actually helps you in the long run (especially when the examination date is nearing.) When you read some notes even without focusing on it too much, the information that you have read will be familiar and will be embedded on your brain already, so that when you are ready to study those notes with your full attention, it will be easier for you to do so.

With your discipline, dedication, and these hacks to guide you through, we’re 100% positive that you will rock and slay those exams like a real champ! Good luck, and we're rooting for you!

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