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#ChalkGetsReal: Doc Gia Sison Answers Your Mental Health Questions

#ChalkGetsReal: Doc Gia Sison Answers Your Mental Health Questions


As we celebrate #WorldMentalHealthDay this October 10th, we're taking the time to spread more awareness on how we should take care of our mental well-being. We are not always equipped to handle our feelings and other people may judge us for having them, but it doesn't mean that they are not valid. So, we invited a mental health professional in the form of Dr. Gia Sison to properly address our concerns on mental health.

Whether we're feeling inexplicably empty or struggling at school or work to the point that we want to quit, Doc Gia gives us her calming words of wisdom in case we're yet to seek external help. In the first episode of our video series #ChalkGetsReal, we hope that you find some answers and take further steps towards looking after your mind and heart.


No matter what you're going through, we're here to tell you that living with your inner struggles is tough, #AndItsOkay because we are not alone in this journey. Watch out for more of our collaborations with Doc Gia and the Youth For Mental Health Coalition!

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