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In Focus: 7 Ways on How We Can Practice Kindness Everyday

In Focus: 7 Ways on How We Can Practice Kindness Everyday


Life is not perfect, it isn’t made of purely rainbows and butterflies. So as human beings, we tend to focus on survival alone, even if it results in hostility sometimes. Additionally, each one of us has our own struggles and they’re never easy. This is why we should learn how to practice kindness and incorporate it in our everyday. Although it’s sometimes taken for granted, here are some ways on how we can do our part in spreading kindness around:

1. Greet people with a smile.

You’ll never know how much acknowledging other people cheerfully can make someone’s mood. A simple ‘good morning/afternoon!’ with a smile on your face may be what can turn a person’s day around.

2. Always say please and thank you.

Growing up, we were always taught to say please and thank you, one of the most basic manners we have to learn, but we sometimes forget. Let’s make this a habit again and show the people around us some appreciation which can definitely go a long way!

3. Offer to help someone out.

Whether a colleague is having a hard time operating the printer or somebody is unfamiliar with directions in an area, offering a hand is undoubtedly the simplest form of kindness. Helping out eases someone’s burden in one way or another.

4. Become a source of good vibes.

We should never underestimate how powerful our brains can be. Having the right mindset by working hard towards positivity will totally make a difference, not only in our lives, but also in others'. And by thinking positive, kindness will effortlessly follow. 

5. Consider others' feelings.

Being one with others by putting ourselves in their shoes is another way to practice kindness in our daily lives. Understanding other individuals, by being more patient and considerate, will certainly help us deal with life and the world more harmoniously.

6. Keep your feet on the ground.

Always keeping in mind that we are no better than others, even if we experience some lapses from the end of the people around us, is what our thinking should be. We are all equally created so we should never look down on our peers and colleagues. Remember, staying humble is next to being kind!

7. Learn to take a break and breathe.

When we feel good about ourselves, it’s automatically reflected on our moods. We begin radiating good vibes which can definitely lift others up. When we’re kind to ourselves, we also share this kindness with others.

Practicing how to be kind may sometimes require us a lot of work but it’s always gonna be worth it. After all, kindness is free and it’s exactly what this world needs from us.

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