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Daily Diaries: How Enrolling In A Dance Class Brought My Confidence Back

Daily Diaries: How Enrolling In A Dance Class Brought My Confidence Back


It was just last month when I was talking to my boyfriend, telling him that I want to do something new in my free time. Instead of just hanging out with my friends and watching movies, I want something that would motivate and excite me. Since I miss dancing, I thought of enrolling in a dance class for fun. But I never expected that I would come out from it with the kind of confidence that I never had before! 

Enrolling in a dance class provided me an expressive outlet and the opportunity to learn something new while having fun. In every class that I showed up to, I overcome my fear of looking silly and step out onto the dance floor to get my self-esteem in motion. If you're looking for something that would get you out of your comfort zone, I listed down below how enrolling in a dance class brought my confidence back!  

1. I feel good when I learn a new choreography.

When I started taking dance lessons, I always learn new moves every week. Since our choreographer only gives us 30 minutes to learn the choreography, I feel so accomplished every time I start doing it naturally. Learning a new choreography is not easy, especially if it has steps that I'm not comfortable doing. Knowing I can remember these new moves gives me satisfaction and realizing that I know more dance steps than other people who don't dance, it's like being one step ahead from everyone else.

2. It helped me feel good about my body.

I've been dancing since I was in elementary; my school even selected me to be one of the presenters for a dance contest. Everything changed when I gained weight in high school, and I got bullied because of my weight. My self-esteem decreased and I lost my desire to dance. Even when I entered college and got my old weight back, I'm still not confident to dance again. Thankfully, I had a new friend this year who shared that attending a dance class helped her with her body image. Just like her, dancing increased my confidence by allowing me to create beautiful lines and poses, which made me feel good about what my body is capable of.  

3. When I make mistakes, I learn from it.

One of the things that held me back from taking risks before was the fear of making mistakes. I was so scared to fail that I didn't notice I stopped enjoying life and forgot that life is a trial and error. When I started attending dance classes, I became more accepting of this fact. It made me realize that it's okay to make mistakes and allowed me to see that these mistakes are part of the process for me to achieve the most flawless performance I could do. If I don't make mistakes, I don't learn. If I don't learn, then I don't improve.

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4. My communication skills have improved.

During my first dance class, I thought I would only be spending most of my time with my friend. But when our dance teacher put us in different groups for our dance performance, I knew I had to interact with other people. Slowly but surely, I got used to communicating with almost anyone in the class. I realized that attending a lot of social dancing events is also a good way to harness your communication skills by dancing and having conversations with new people!

5. Performing in front of the crowd dismissed my stage fright.

If I'm asked to present in front of a few people, I'll be okay with it. But if it's around many people that I don't know, I get awkward and frightened that I might make a fool out of myself. But after I attended dance classes, the performances that we do after we learned all the steps had pushed me out of my comfort zone. And the more I perform in front of other people, the more I became confident. The swag and coolness that I practice on the dance floor have ended up transcending to my everyday life. 

Confidence isn't a pre-requisite of dance, but the people who lack it gain it through it because this art pushes you to be fully present. Enrolling in a dance class had helped me keep myself grounded, let go of the stress and worries of the past and future, and love myself more. I truly recommend this to anyone who's struggling with their self-confidence because this is something you can do until you become secure with yourself. 

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